Siddharth Singh & Sukhmani Brar run an architecture practice by the name Design Pendulum

Trained as an architect, Siddharth is a cultural practitioner & educator emphasizing low-tech hands-on multimedia engagements. He has been involved in creative pedagogy since 2011; exploring the dependence of creativity on emotions and the need to be equipped with diverse mediums of exploration & expression. He prefers challenging the intellect with embodied approaches; particularly in teaching & learning.

Sukhmani is the Principal Architect of Design Pendulum. She considers architecture as a frame of possibilities and not just a shell of certainty. Over a decade & half she has worked across diverse scales of housing, architecture & interior design projects . She is particular about design research and prefer thoroughness in processes and a contemplative pace.

Sukhmani & Siddharth’s work across diverse scales & types of spatial design projects pays particular attention to the three principal states of inhabitation: solitude, intimacy and congregation. Spaces are conceived & detailed in terms of structure & light and opening & seat to facilitate holding body with care.

The houses they design, rather than adhering to a prescribed function of houseness, address the scale of the community that they are intended to accommodate. Design Pendulum’s work, across all scales & types of spatial design, follows the principals of diversity & integration: form & space, built & natural, structure & material etc.

The revitalization of house of CG offered the wonderful opportunity of documenting and studying a colonial era residential building and repurposing it into a boutique hotel to join the House of MG brand. The spatial diversity, structural pragmatism and constructional detailing of the building are awe inspiring.

Besides the exigent issues of repair, replacement and addition of modern amenities in an old building, repurposing  a house into a quasi cultural & commercial institution of a hotel made us confront the severe challenge of rapid transitions between the public and the private and the paradox of each within the other.