Everything matters

The world has been trying to convince us about the supremacy of the mind over everything for a long time. However, after going through a few weeks of movement and embodied exercises in the course of this program I am keen to look at the magical ways in which my body exists with oneself and others. Breathing consciously and being fully aware of one’s breath … Continue reading Everything matters

Coordinator/ Facilitator’s Preparation

The four and half months – between approaching IFA with my proposal in August '21 and receiving the wonderful news of their acceptance in January '21 – involved intermittent yet elaborate exchanges with their panel of experts. Responding to the chain of questions, mediated through Program Officer John Xavier, helped me immensely in understanding and articulating what I was embarking upon. Following are excerpts of the said exchange.
* * * * *
by Siddharth Singh Continue reading Coordinator/ Facilitator’s Preparation