Towards a Performance

I believe that it’s very important for spatial designers to engage in theatrical and performative exercises to become aware of the subconscious exchanges between bodies, spaces/ spatial elements & people. We explored this creative process through various smaller exercises which were successively integrated into a very short performance.  Story Narration Participants were asked to re-collect instances which triggered or the memories which were triggered by … Continue reading Towards a Performance

Morning Rituals

The morning routine of individual centring through drawings in Phase-1 was replaced with collective embodied work in Phase-2. I used a mix of my warming up and stretching exercises, with Pranayam (focused breathing from yoga), followed by a ball game and then exercises in movement; ending the first session with Savasana (focused relaxation exercise from Yoga). This hour-long routine is intended to centre the participants not only with respect to their mind and body, but also in relation to each other and the space. I believe this to be an essential beginning to the day as we proceed into the design of a place for performance. Continue reading Morning Rituals

Design Pedagogy for a Place for Performance

This program carries a dual ambition made acute by the circumstances triggered by the pandemic: 1. Designing a place for performance2. Facilitating the design process through multidisciplinary engagements The realisation of both ambitions demands attention to the common constituent ecology of emotions and their embodiment within the self as well as with others. The process began with the application itself: preparing the participants for the … Continue reading Design Pedagogy for a Place for Performance