Recapitulating Summaries

Whether it be the readings of ‘Beyond the Proscenium’ or the video lectures and conversations on ‘A Place of Performance’, all of them provide a wider perspective to imagine a performance space. Unlike the research for performance unique to the community and my earliest memories of performance, this study wasn’t confined to just a single typology of performance. Continue reading Recapitulating Summaries

Context Summaries

Employing conversations as a vital tool of learning, and addressing the necessity for social engagement, curiosity and questioning oneself and others. If practised with openness, these allow for a faster and robust processing of information and deeper learning. 

With no interference from the facilitator, the moderated sessions were self-regulated by the participants. This allows the participants to negotiate, establish and abide by the terms of engagement and navigate inter-relational complexities themselves. The intended outcomes of this independence are autonomy of ideas, courage to participate and a reduction in dependence on validation from authority. 

Participants were required to document the process and present evidence of their understanding by posting summaries as a blog on the program website. No deliverable is considered complete without a publication of  reflections. Continue reading Context Summaries

A place for performance during the pandemic…

So, the conversations comprised five sessions, with three panelists for each session. These panelists have been associated with theatre as performers, teachers, entrepreneurs, dramaturgs, etc. They understand the working behind the performance and through the performance, so they were able to discuss the transitions, both positive and negative, throughout the Pandemic. Continue reading A place for performance during the pandemic…