Emotive Collage

A very intriguing question emerged from the discussions around the process of the collage. Even small forms presented in two or three dimensions are very nuanced and layered in the facets that they share information through: material & texture, light and shadow, colour and form.  Imagine how complex then is the creation of a space, which, in addition to the qualities enumerated above, also includes the dimension of inhabitation (enveloped by the elements making the space) and time (movement and pause). Such complexity can be overwhelming. Continue reading Emotive Collage

A place for performance during the pandemic…

So, the conversations comprised five sessions, with three panelists for each session. These panelists have been associated with theatre as performers, teachers, entrepreneurs, dramaturgs, etc. They understand the working behind the performance and through the performance, so they were able to discuss the transitions, both positive and negative, throughout the Pandemic. Continue reading A place for performance during the pandemic…

Performance Unique to Community

Having spent five years of my childhood in Kolkata, my understanding of community and culture started to develop there. From studying and writing essays in school on Durga Puja, to witnessing live processions, the culture kept developing in my mind. Walking into grand Durga Puja Pandals holding my parents’ hands, and watching people perform at those pandals, including myself, provided me with a sense of belonging to the community. Continue reading Performance Unique to Community

Coordinator/ Facilitator’s Preparation

The four and half months – between approaching IFA with my proposal in August '21 and receiving the wonderful news of their acceptance in January '21 – involved intermittent yet elaborate exchanges with their panel of experts. Responding to the chain of questions, mediated through Program Officer John Xavier, helped me immensely in understanding and articulating what I was embarking upon. Following are excerpts of the said exchange.
* * * * *
by Siddharth Singh Continue reading Coordinator/ Facilitator’s Preparation