Closure Review Feedback

Photographs: Sukhmani Brar, Siddharth Singh, Abhinav Pandey & Ketki Bhaskar Reviews: Kindness, Curiosity & Conversations In my engagement with the regular academic processes of interior design & architecture since the beginning of 2019, I have been emphasising on the use of the term ‘review’ instead of the prevalent ‘jury.’ Architectural pedagogy has for long adhered to a counter-productive closure of studio processes in the form … Continue reading Closure Review Feedback

Four Designs for a Place for Performance

Although the four designs are hypothetical, they have emerged in response to real conditions of the sites and participants’ experiences. All four projects are definitely realisable. If my assertion betrays some doubt it is because I do have some. Not about the practicality of the projects. The designs, in fact, are very practical. I have been wondering throughout the process: ‘Why don’t such places exist?’ Of course, they do, but not enough to become recognisable as a common entity and experience in our daily lives. The question does turn out to be one of daily life, specifically pertaining to the urban middle class context. Our post-industrial socio-economic model is one of outsourcing: care of children and elderly, healthcare, food production and preparation, education, life events and rituals, culture, memory… Almost every need of our lives is catered to by providers of goods and services. In fact, that seems to be the promise and bedrock of urban life.  Continue reading Four Designs for a Place for Performance

Synthesis in the Creative Process

Be it design or visual or performing arts, we are working with multiple ideas to address multiple needs. All these ideas need to come together into a space for design, graphic and performative interventions. Further, the ideas need to converse with each other as well as the context of space they inhabit. The diverse ideas need to negotiate and reconcile with each other and the space that frames them. What follows is the adaptation of the ideas in terms of their form or sequence and relative positions or a combination of these. Continue reading Synthesis in the Creative Process

Coordinator/ Facilitator’s Preparation

The four and half months – between approaching IFA with my proposal in August '21 and receiving the wonderful news of their acceptance in January '21 – involved intermittent yet elaborate exchanges with their panel of experts. Responding to the chain of questions, mediated through Program Officer John Xavier, helped me immensely in understanding and articulating what I was embarking upon. Following are excerpts of the said exchange.
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by Siddharth Singh Continue reading Coordinator/ Facilitator’s Preparation