Siddharth Singh

As an architect Siddharth has worked on several large scale proposals across a wide range of project types: river fronts, forest and urban parks, cultural complexes and master planning. The upgradation of Taj Ganj: urban revitalization of the three access roads to the Taj Mahal, and the revitalization of the House of CG, Ahmedabad into a heritage hotel are couple of renowned projects that he has lead.

In 2011 Siddharth created image:medium:actor a course on emotions & creativity which employs graphics, text, collage & theater as mediums and participants’ memories and associations as raw material. The pedagogy predominantly employs the workshop format with emphases on embodied work & conversations.

Besides spatial design, he is involved in graphics and publications through his visual communication design enterprise compoundeye. Siddharth is a music enthusiast, likes writing and has penned more than a 100 poems, both mediocre and moving. He shares with Sukhmani the artistic direction of The Vessel and is the editor of Textures, Design Pendulum’s curatorial space and publication, respectively.

Siddharth has taught design studios in FA & FD at CEPT, NID & Anant University in Ahmedabad and IIAD & TDV in the NCR. He has conducted his workshop at INDUS & CEPT in Ahmedabad, KRVIA & Sir JJ in Mumbai, SPA in Delhi, Avani in Calicut, Christ College in Bangalore and CARE in Trichy.

Siddharth created this program to explore the possibility of working against various industrial tides of academia, consultancy and art-production, which tend to be limited to the possibility of multidisciplinary and collaborative engagements.

As a facilitator in this program, Siddharth intends to converge his spatial design pedagogy with his creative pedagogy of workshops involving conversations, collage, graphics and embodied work to assist diversely skilled participants in discovering themselves and a collective way of working.

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