Prachi Satrawal

Having completed my undergraduate education from University School of Architecture and Planning, Delhi, I am working as researcher, exhibition designer and production-in-charge for Abohar History Project. Being in this small-town and sharing a household with people one is working with has helped me grow a lot of patience/ love as well as skills of finding your space in the commons.

Movement is part of my being – be it moving from/to cities, passions or to music. I have dabbled with music in my life on and off, from being a performing kid in school to being part of college’s acapella society and then trying to learn Indian Classical music.

Hunting for time to read more books, watch that new recommended film, finding new music and listening to podcasts keeps me occupied throughout the day.

Our life experiences and memories play out subconsciously, working in unexpected ways in forming judgements and influencing our decisions. Through this program I am interested in digging deep into points that come up strongly and repeatedly. Can these become a useful basis for my imaginations? 

I am also interested in testing/ building an idea of performance and how, in myriad ways, it can be situated in the public .  

Other than personal discoveries, my professional  intentions from this program spread over discovering non-traditional ways of design processes and gathering a sense of how other intersectional fields of work can drive the design process with as equal weight as material conditions.