Mugdha Pargunde

I am an architect by profession, currently working in a firm and teaching as a visiting faculty in various colleges. I believe my formal training in Hindustani classical Music, Bharatanatyam and theatre has influenced my way of being and my architectural practice to a great extent. Humility, patience, discipline, putting oneself in others’ shoes, connecting with others, challenging the norms are few of the values which have been cultivated knowingly or unknowingly with the practice in these performing arts through the years.

I believe one of the important values one needs to practice architecture is being ‘sensitive’. A practice in performing arts not only sensitizes one’s body but also one’s mind. I am eager to explore this wonderful relation furthermore in this residency.

Performing arts make use of different parts of the body through which we sense and experience.  A regular practice of any such artform can help sensitise one’s body (or parts) and open it to experience the subtle and sensuous nature of the surroundings. This can open up new possibilities of experiential understandings which might lead to different design processes or spatial expressions.

Through this residency, I hope to try different processes to sensitize one’s body to explore what kind of experiential understanding and spatial expression they can bring in.

* * * * *