Expression of body

Humans generally express their emotion through their body. In visual and spatial representation help me to study and observe the expression of human faces and body. How human posture of setting their activity sketches in routine life teach me about their body moment their expressions. I’m always scared to draw human body and faces but this exercise gives me a confidence that “practice makes the proportion and strokes right.” the experience while sketching it gives me confidence on my stokes. portrait is something that I found difficult because the expression of face have to capture is takes a lot of … Continue reading Expression of body

Observation and expression

sketching is an expressive medium through which one can understand one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The presence of the mind can be achieved through sketching. We can show the reflection of our perception of the world by expressing ourselves through pen and paper and one can use different mediums to express precisely the experience. Sometimes it helps us in calming our anxiety, worry, sadness, or depression by articulating our emotion on paper. It is indeed a great thing to do just to bring ourselves up. As a result of this exercise, I could sketch portraits using different strokes and mediums … Continue reading Observation and expression

Experience of Face Capturing

While being the part of the studio, I attempted portrait making for the first time. Making portraits helped me understand the expressions and how to capture them though in the initial sketches it was a little difficult for me to capture them as smiles turned out to be something else. Also, with the change in medium I learnt ways to capture light and shadow. In charcoal the depth of face came out really well but when tried with watercolors the portrait looked as if a designed cartoon character i.e. with no effect of light and shadow. While making portraits the … Continue reading Experience of Face Capturing

Observe and capture

Sketching is the distinctive form of drawing in which the designer observe, glances and captures it. Sketching a portrait is the most difficult thing because we need to capture the proper texture and shadows of the face. After two weeks of sketching, I quite feel happy to attempt more portraits and body studies. Starting a day with 1 hour of sketching can make a lot of difference. Firstly, It helped me to wake up in the morning. After a long break, the practice of sketching and waking was lost so it helped me to improve and observe the details in … Continue reading Observe and capture

Observing the Features

Every single person in the world has very distinctive and different characteristics. We are all molded in completely different ways. Even the texture of the skin differs from person to person.  It was my first time observing and studying the faces and bodies of people. While initially I felt nervous, I was also excited to try something new.  The process of making portraits was extremely interesting to me as I learned that I had to continuously observe each person’s face, while simultaneously duplicating them on paper. I had more control over the sketches I made with pencil because I could … Continue reading Observing the Features