Performance: What could a backyard park be ?

Since there are a lot of already pre-existing homes facing my site. I would like to turn part of each home into an offering for this performance place. It could be someone’s stilt, another’s the rear lobby, someone’s cantilevered balcony and another’s plinth. I imagine this place to maintain its rustic feeling and one should feel the density of vegetation they are surrounded by. Taking … Continue reading Performance: What could a backyard park be ?

A feeling to form: Part One

When one is asked to give form to what they are feeling inside, things get tricky. Although due to social conditioning and twenty years of being part of civilisation – some words and feelings begin to get associated with tastes, colours, shapes and sounds. As if everything is finding its characteristics to make itself more real. A feeling wanting to acquire full form or a … Continue reading A feeling to form: Part One

Design process

My design process comprised of trying many fragmented things and then tying the explorations of those fragments. Performances: From Gondhal, Bharud and Lavani (Tamasha) Gondhal I the only performance which still is weaved with traditions and everyday life of the people. Bharud and Lavani have taken the place in the stage performance. Even if there is no proscenium, a temporary stage is built for Bharud … Continue reading Design process

The garden for performance

I imagine this place to be a practice hub for budding artists.  This place is to be there for the young to get acquainted with different performing arts and if interested, be a part of it and explore. The site thus chosen was amidst the institutional area hoping the place would introduce young minds to the world of performing arts! The site already lures a … Continue reading The garden for performance