M3B8&9: Meeting the World & Greeting the Sky

…until we can begin to understand how buildings affect individuals and communities emotionally, how they provide people with a sense of joy, identity, and place, there is no way to distinguish architecture from any every day act of construction. The real places on the earth […] are susceptible to continuous readings, which is to say many readings, which is almost certainly to say complex and ambiguous ones. It seems to be a characteristic of them, too, that they have extraordinary changeability, sometimes of use, almost certainly of size (as in the notion of the city as house, and the house … Continue reading M3B8&9: Meeting the World & Greeting the Sky

The Closure Review

Finally, my childhood home was converted into an institute. After the closure of my childhood home design. I first started thinking about neighborhood context and what community space does it require. My site is located in Amreli, Gujrat. Amreli is quite famous for Sanghadia bangles. My parents are into its business and also my neighborhood has trained workers for it. So I decided to make an exhibition of bangles and their manufacturing. I wanted to make a space where visitors can also see how workers are making those bangles.  My neighborhood is the society area which basically has one-story houses. … Continue reading The Closure Review


The journey began with the construction of a childhood house, which has since evolved into an institution. The site is on the outskirts of Surat, on the fringes of the city. On three sides, the house is surrounded by roads, with the remaining side having a house at a distance of 4.5 meters. Because the area is largely made up of residences and there is no suitable location for gathering, I chose to construct a cafeteria and a community center. My mother will be in charge of the entire place. The cafeteria is located on the ground floor, with entrances … Continue reading Conclusion

Concluding the Process

My house is located in Surat, Gujarat. It is a township near Hazira. For years, neighbouring children used to visit our home  especially during festivals like Ganesh Chatturthi and Navratri. My mother is fond of kids and likes to be with them. The choice of the program of designing a Day Care centre (for kids below ten year old), is influenced by this aspect. Also, the neighbouring context of the house is of a township for the employees of a corporate company, wherein there are families where both the parents work from eight to six. This makes  the child feel … Continue reading Concluding the Process

Learning through mistakes

 While working through the end of this brief for the final presentation, few parts in my design were to be fixed and one of them was the roof. As it had three distinct mass and three voids at different levels,this lead to collision of roof to another roof at the overhang of the wooden roof. Initially during the process I started with a vaulted roof and pitch roof but they were going with the architectural language of the buildings around the site. Next I went on to try gable roof and lean to roof but with the placement of them … Continue reading Learning through mistakes

A Journey’s End

Within a few weeks time, my childhood home has evolved into an institute for the public. My institute is located in the neighbourhood of Al Qasimia in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It is a place designed for teenagers where they can hang out after school or during the weekend. The building comprises a ground-floor cafe and a first-floor library.  I had lived in Al Qasimia for 18 years, and the neighbourhood had been extremely convenient in terms of the facilities that it provided. We had supermarkets, restaurants, cultural centres, etc. at our doorstep. Growing up, I loved escaping into my … Continue reading A Journey’s End

Final week

As the final semester, was coming to an end we all were excited about presenting our work. Since the brief mention about designing an institute above the residence, I thought of making a yoga and meditation center. we had one week left before jury day. Necessary changes were to be made like changing fenestration and a few other things though my massing was the same as before. I wanted to design a yoga and meditation center because that is a subject that has intrigued me. My site was located inside a narrow society. The entrance is from the northeast direction. … Continue reading Final week