M3B8&9: Meeting the World & Greeting the Sky

…until we can begin to understand how buildings affect individuals and communities emotionally, how they provide people with a sense of joy, identity, and place, there is no way to distinguish architecture from any every day act of construction. The real places on the earth […] are susceptible to continuous readings, which is to say many readings, which is almost certainly to say complex and ambiguous ones. It seems to be a characteristic of them, too, that they have extraordinary changeability, sometimes of use, almost certainly of size (as in the notion of the city as house, and the house … Continue reading M3B8&9: Meeting the World & Greeting the Sky

Institutionalising the Home

The journey till now had been on the development of the imagination and construction of my childhood home, set in the context of my original childhood home. Now was the time to move from that atmosphere of nostalgia and reminiscence to come back to present where the main occupants of the space are my grandparents, not me, whose teenage self has moved out for higher studies. The building from the ground up had to be rethought and modified as a public institution that responds and addressed the needs of the neighbouring society. The beginning of the development of a commercial … Continue reading Institutionalising the Home

Enhancing the  Neighbourhood

Rethinking about the pit and the neighbourhood, the house has to grow further into an institution which greatly serves the neighbourings and ensures the privacy of the house below the ground. From the time problem, an idea of making an exhibition hall and a theatre space was proposed by Mahek. This idea in a way is good if I look into the design brief, but the fact that we all would have left our homes in future say in some ten years, then possibly this intent does work. It would be better if my neighbors had similar interests as my … Continue reading Enhancing the  Neighbourhood

With Time Goes Space Changed

Time problem of exploded view of my own design with the new changes in ground floor and adding one floor and design an institute according to my neighborhood. After thinking around my neighborhood I want to create an institute of Art and Craft for children. It will help to explore, spread awareness about art because in my neighborhood if some children have skills of art and craft but they are not aware or they didn’t have platform to polish their skills see as an career. Art related institutions helps my parents to see creative field which they like after a … Continue reading With Time Goes Space Changed

Design shuffle

After weeks of working on our design, we had articulated our childhood home and fulfilled all the requirements. Now we had to add an institution space in the same childhood home. Since we had grown after and went out for further studies the ground floor was of no use for residents so converting that into an institution space was the idea and adding one more floor above. The intriguing concept was the shuffle of the design meaning we had to exchange our design with our peers.  I have got Aastha’s design so first and foremost I understood the context of … Continue reading Design shuffle


We worked for a long on our childhood home design and for this week we were given a time problem in which we had to swap our designs among our group and then had to rework on designs for a community place or an institution. Time problem is always helpful as we have less time so we just have to work without overthinking. I got Shailly’s design, her design was very nice and innovative but was far more different than mine, so understanding her structure and reworking her model took a lot of time. But I was very much excited … Continue reading EXCHANGING AND REWORKING

Exchanging Ideas

After finishing working on my childhood home, there was an interesting surprise for us. We had a time problem. Now the childhood is going to be an institute where the lower two floors would remain as a home but from the ground floor, there would be an institution. Now the interesting part about this is we had to work on one of our peers’ designs instead of our design. And the same way one of my peers worked on my design. I started working on Bhavya’s design. First I started with understanding his design and neighbourhood. A house is located … Continue reading Exchanging Ideas

What to?

After the completion of my childhood home Time problem started. It was to swap designs with our groupmates. I took Anshu’s design and similarly my design was taken by another groupmate. So basically I had to understand her neighbourhood first and then start working at the institution I like to provide it to her neighbourhood. So starting to understand her neighborhood and the people living around I got to know she used to live in a township. So basically the township has everything so I was really confused at first as to what to provide in her neighbourhood that is … Continue reading What to?

Shuffling and Articulating

The designing of my childhood home is concluded by now growing the pit house into an institution which could serve the neighbourhood. For this week we had a time problem where we shuffled our childhood homes among ourselves and gave our inputs to someone else to design on to what all new possibilities or challenges could be possible. I designed an institution for Netri’s house, which iis located in Ahmedabad. The pit has adjacent buildings on all three sides, hence, only one side from the entry was open to the street. Her neighbourhood had very few public places, to list … Continue reading Shuffling and Articulating

Sowing Seed for New Beginning

After a long time spent on refining the design of my childhood home, the process became monotonous with being stuck to certain elements and concepts. Too break this monotony, a time problem was assigned in which the designs were swapped among the peers. Each one was to propose an institution for peers design. I took Nafela’s design which is based in a completely different context than mine i.e. Dubai whereas mine is located in Ahmedabad. I needed to understand the climate of the place which was an important factor for consideration in Nafela’s design. Also the neighbourhood she had for … Continue reading Sowing Seed for New Beginning