Pre Final Work

The past week was about terminating the design process and concluding the process by defining the construction details, fenestrations and elevations. The design resolution and detailing was happening hand in hand. It was a bit difficult for me to work this week, as there was less time to resolve the drawings and make the detailed drawing. Later, this helped in resolving the design better, as while resolving the design, in the back of my head I could now also think upon the construction details and articulation. Now when I look for a design drawing I see it through many aspects, … Continue reading Pre Final Work

Second offline workshop

The second workshop was conducted offline on campus. There were continuous discussions going on in the studio. It was the busiest week while working on the campus. But it was fun to work on campus as we were more productive on campus than at home.¬† The second offline workshop started with a peer review of the model. The material I used to make the 1:75 scale model was jute board and greyboard. The use of greyboard was far easier to cut than the jute board. The reason behind using two materials was jute board depicted the brick infill while the … Continue reading Second offline workshop

Observing and learning through visits

 This offline week we started off with discussing the models of the institute and the site model to understand how the house and the community space are cohabitating with the neighbourhood. By looking at the entrance of the institute and the house, how the spaces are connected to each other. By making the model it also gave a clear understanding of how the roof is placed. By looking at others’ models it also gave me an understanding of which materials can be used while making the model, and how the trees can be represented.The next deliverable was to make wall … Continue reading Observing and learning through visits

Minute and Important Realizations

Last week was a workshop week which included my first site visit to the Shreyas Foundation. The week started with showing model to see the spaces in 3D and realize the scale and form of the space. Based on the peer review, the next day wall sections were made to look at the construction details and how the structure comes together at a larger scale which was not visible clearly in 1:50 scale plans and sections. It helped me clear some basic fundamentals which I had missed till now. The sizes of the structural elements were resolved and also changes … Continue reading Minute and Important Realizations

Learning from Observing

Last week, there was an offline session where the studio design was taken to the next level. How will the institution’s program¬†adapt to the neighbourhood? The focus was mostly on the structure and construction of the building. It all started with site and institution models, where I learned about space, its relationship to the outside world, and how to represent a building. I understand how the building will be built on top of each other while developing a model. Inside is an area with various openings. Understanding openings requires a picture of the building with fenestration. There were other things … Continue reading Learning from Observing

Second week of Workshop

The 14th week of Studio was offline. About the termination of the monsoon semester 2021. As expected for the last workshop, I was expected to work hard and be dedicated. The week started with a peer review on our design models. From my peers and faculty, I came to know what improvements my model and design needs. I had to change the form of my roof, and think more on the inhibition of the spaces, as in how the small kids will mess the space. I also had to close off the entrance and keep only one entry for the … Continue reading Second week of Workshop

The second workshop week

This workshop was quite different from what I expected it to be. On the first day of the workshop, I thought we’ll be doing something on plans and resolving that first but it was totally different. The whole process was simultaneous, we made models, plans, sections, wall sections, elevations with fenestration. The first day of workshop was only about discussing models with peers and tutor. In which I came to realize the mistakes that I’ve been making since childhood home model that there is no sense of inhabitation. Also in the institution model the there was no sense of fenestration. … Continue reading The second workshop week