Back to Childhood home

Remembering my neighborhood from 10 years ago brings back memories of wonderful and enjoyable events. Surat is a city on the fringes of which I grew up. Observing how things have changed over the years makes me sad. Certain places, when visited by certain people, become special and remind me of happy times spent together. I used to spend most of my time at Nani’s house and visiting shops with uncle to buy sweets, playing with my cousins in the park, around the banyan tree, swinging on the tire at the edge of a small river, throwing stones in the … Continue reading Back to Childhood home

Mapping and Tacking Memories

Remembering the childhood while doing an exercise in the form of workshop was a memorable experience of CEPT until now. I never thought there are so many hidden memories associated with my childhood home which I don’t recall in usual days – the happy moments of eating ice cream on streets and sad as well of falling down while learning skating. Though I don’t remember the actual distances between spaces and other neighbourhood clearly apart from my favorite places, I was enjoying the journey as I drew the streets and the points which I visited the most. Depicting memories and … Continue reading Mapping and Tacking Memories

Remember when.

The map of my neighborhood is something miniature painting with all the festivals, the main road and so many neighbors doing different activities along with my home. I was living in kind of mass housing during my childhood, I’ve so many memories with so many people in so many spaces around my neighborhood. And I had to take down every single thing on the paper. This exercise I enjoyed so much doing. At first, I wasn’t quite sure about the representation, like how to represent these many activities on one sheet. I was sure about the miniature painting but wasn’t sure that if I want … Continue reading Remember when.

Story of My Childhood’s Neighborhood on Canvas

When I saw the brief I had just started thinking of my childhood. While doing attempt for my iteration neighborhood experience of recalling all my memory was feel really attached with those spaces. So I had decide to do monochromatic sketch and render it. After review from tutors and my peers I changed the medium. So In my final attempt I had done in blue monochromatic sketch. The experience of changing medium helps me to highlight important space in my childhood. The most important thing is I enjoyed this process. After done that we had a workshop for collage of … Continue reading Story of My Childhood’s Neighborhood on Canvas

Time Travel

In the past week, I travelled back in time to the fond memories of my childhood home and surrounding neighbourhood. Growing up in the heart of the city that never sleeps, there was always constant activity around me irrespective of the time, weather or age. During my childhood, every part of the neighbourhood had a different memory and story attached to it out of which I chose my most memorable encounters in and around my home. Ranging from a yummy sweet stall to a scary dentist (who I still fear), my neighbourhood had created memories for it all! Upon starting … Continue reading Time Travel

Memory Hood

Recollecting some ten years old memories of my childhood home and representing it was really fun. We get happy emotions while thinking of our memories strongly associated with us, like our friends house, favourite park, best fun activities and many more.  Firstly, I made a cognitive map of my childhood neighborhood, showing my home, the street I used to play, and the movements I remembered strongly. In the image below one can see a map of my childhood memories.  Ten years ago, I lived in Essar Township near Hazira, having River Tapi on one side and The Arabian sea on … Continue reading Memory Hood

Revisiting My Neighborhood

Memories of childhood becomes the ultimate life long memory which brings a smile on our faces whenever we recall them. When recollected memories of my childhood it gave a delighted feeling. I remember I was a very happy kid with no worries and was free to do whatever I feel or want. I belong to a joint family hence as a kid I had really amazing time playing and spending time with my family. As both of my parents are working and I spent most of the time with my grandparents during the day even now. when i recalled my … Continue reading Revisiting My Neighborhood

Ten Years Back….

I was really excited when I had to sketch a cognitive map of my neighbourhood when I was nine or ten years old. It has been a long time since I moved from that neighbourhood, so revisiting the place where I grew up would be a wonderful experience.  I was really unsure of what to sketch at first since there were so many memories. I had no idea where to begin. Thus, I decided to start from my house and, in my mind, walk to the places I used to frequent. Although I was ten at the time, I was still … Continue reading Ten Years Back….