Recapturing on Paper

This VSR exercise started with finding a decade-old album of photographs which was very exciting about this exercise. Going through those photographs and remembering the spaces and story behind each photograph was pretty interesting. I was excited to sketch out those moments on paper.  Portraits and self-portraits are mostly about paying attention to features and details of the face for me. I was surprised by my features, which were way different back then but still, there is something that remains the same. This time I also tried to use pencil colors in portraits. It requires more practice but I think … Continue reading Recapturing on Paper

Retracing Past Movements

Sketching our memories and our near and dear ones in the morning gave a great start to my day. Among all the different sketches I loved sketching portraits the most. And the best part was exploring mediums. Few mediums were not so easy for me to use and turned out to ruin the sketch but few mediums like charcoal and colour pencils enhanced my sketching skills. Making portraits for me was time consuming and tedious work but after doing this exercise and exploring different materials allowed me to speed up. At times I have made portraits that took six to … Continue reading Retracing Past Movements

Recalling The Past.

In the VSR module after achieving good hand on self and live portraits the second task was to sketch portraits of self or our co-habitants from the decade old photographs. I really enjoyed sketching this exercise but the most favorite part was to find old photographs where I remember my life as a kid and those good old carefree days. I feel really blessed that I belong a joint family where we celebrate every moment and festivals together and click a lot of photographs and have fun. I gathered all the photographs but after going through some of them I … Continue reading Recalling The Past.

When do we remember the memories we do not remember?

In the last VSR I learned portraits and body sketches and that helped me a lot in this VSR. Otherwise sketching is not something that I’ve done in the past few years I used to when I was small. But during these years I lost my skills for a good portrait or even a small sketch. During these exercises I learned sketches to look good comes last in priority and different factors like proportion, right medium and all other factors comes into place first. The previous exercise made me learn how to observe and sketch but this added up to … Continue reading When do we remember the memories we do not remember?

From Part to Whole

The two-weeks long process of sketching portraits, human figures and spaces from photographs proved to be quite a diverse method of getting set for work and keeping in mind the importance of observation.  In the process of giving an hour a day, apart from some skill I majorly feel that I developed the sense of catching details in depth with time and also remembering the moments some photographs were clicked in. The photographs from a family album from a trip almost a decade ago. The exercise also made me relive certain scenarios again while I spent an hour sketching out … Continue reading From Part to Whole

Recreating Memories

The mornings of my third and fourth week were dedicated to sketching portraits, body postures, and spatial profiles by referring to photographs from a decade ago.  My initial response was a sense of excitement because it had been quite some time since I had looked at old pictures. This was followed by complete frustration because soon enough I realised that by 2011 we had started recording our memories on our smartphones rather than printing them out and retaining them in a photo album. While it might have seemed convenient and innovative ten years ago, this change in the method of … Continue reading Recreating Memories

Retracing Memory

After introduction to the brief, I started searching for some memorable pictures from the family album. Looking at some of them made me excited to sketch them. Sketching portraits was a good start to the day and I also got a hang of it as I also sketched portraits in the previous brief too. I improved upon the details of nose which was the major issue for non-identifiable faces in previous brief. But now, I was struggling with cheek curves which became flat and not felt fatty. Hence, in some cases the faces did not resemble the person in the … Continue reading Retracing Memory