Space inside Box

Secret space six meter down from the ground creating a space for solitude, intimacy and congregation. It has to compact and interconnection of all three spaces. I had choose material according what kind of space you are going to follow. Iteration: Linear spaces. while going through the process of this tackle a situation of unnecessary built area and voids all those solved with the help of tutor and peer’s. After attempts of some iteration I come with this below iteration in this iteration I had use geometry interconnects between spaces and experience of tree while reach to the space. Drawings … Continue reading Space inside Box

Out Of Sight

My secret space is inside a pit with depth of 6M where I have created a space for solitude, Intimacy and congregation which are have relation with each other. Forming a space underground is not an easy task. I was having a lot of difficulty in forming the whole space. I wanted to create a space where can spend my time alone and also with my closed ones. The exercise started from shoebox of random size in which the depth has to be considered as 6M. I wanted to make space using rectilinear planes only. I started making the spaces … Continue reading Out Of Sight

Giving Form to Feelings and Imagination

Making a secret pit for me, my three friends and 16 guests was a joyful experience. The pit is 15 m long in North-South direction and 10.75 m wide in East-West direction. This pit has three different spaces having different nature. As one enters the pit and climbs down to -1 level floor, they reach a space created for solitude. The primary user here is me. This space is kept semi open and well lit with proper light and ventilation. A planter is added on this level to let people climb down stairs instead of entering the space for solitude.  … Continue reading Giving Form to Feelings and Imagination

Spaces of Secret Values

For me a secret place is a world away from eyes of the world. As I began imagining my secret place inside a pit, my first imagination was a mezzanine floor from where I can see gaze the sky as well as look at others. My first concept design had a large spanning slab, a mezzanine floor and 2 straight flight staircase. Then realizing the unused space left I dropped the idea of mezzanine level. But orientation of the staircases and a slab spanning the width of the pit appeared to be glued my mind. Further, in order to reduce … Continue reading Spaces of Secret Values

The inside space

Designing a hideout space inside the pit was a fun task. thinking, visualizing, and feeling how we would want our space to be. Since I like courtyards, trees, open spaces, and light structures I started making the model intuitively, in the beginning, coinciding with my key point. In the being, my model was not up to the mark still the organization and design were to be resolved. The entire process started by making iterations that were not so coherent concerning my key points and arrangement of the blocks. These few week-long processes helped me think about making concepts directly on … Continue reading The inside space

Loop of Secrecy

My Secret Place: a 6M deep pit with minimal construction with spaces of solitude, intimacy & congregation connected by circulation spaces or loops that make one feel part of a larger picture. This exercise was a three-weeks long exploration of spaces, volumes, dimensions, materials, nature of inhabitation and much more. The drastic number of iterations were extremely helpful in being able to develop on ideas and concepts, but at times, digressed iterations too.  The exercise was structured quite beautifully such that even though there were times when I shifted off-track, I was able to root myself back with whatever feedback … Continue reading Loop of Secrecy

A Secrete Place.

After sketching the spaces of inhabitation connected to the emotions of solitude, intimacy and the congregation. Now the task was to create those spaces out of our visualization in the form of a model. The task was to create an underground house which provides  a place of solitude, an intimate space for four and a congregation space for another fifteen. As it is a secret house it was to be created underground. The space is to be created six meters below the ground so this space will have an experience and environment which is different from the normal houses. The … Continue reading A Secrete Place.