First Step Towards Body Memory Architecture 14th August 2012 Published By: – Aastha Parmar Various kinds of places we visit, play a very crucial role in our lives. We have different feelings associated with different places we visit or stay in and we get attached to those places emotionally. I recalled some moments from the places I occupied and was attached emotionally with feelings of solitude, intimacy and congregation. Recalling those spaces, I sketched those spaces out of imagination, giving them light, shadow and texture. The river side is where I use go when I lived in Ahmedabad and this … Continue reading

Revisiting spaces

We interact with our surroundings in a number of different ways, both physically and emotionally. There are spaces where we have deep conversations, spaces where we talk to ourselves and spaces, we all gather. We remember these places because they have special memories associated with them. Every architectural space holds special meaning to it. Recreating these spaces from memory was a great experience. Not only I get to revisit my childhood home my grandparents’ home but also it gave me a newer perspective to look at those spaces. Making these sketches while keeping the light and shadow intact and remembering … Continue reading Revisiting spaces

The Emotions in Spaces

We all have a deep value for each space we have visited in our lifetime, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. Sketching these spaces and moments evoked exactly the same feelings in me as experiencing them in the past. My greatest surprise was that, despite starting with a blank canvas, with each stroke I remembered more and more details about the space, like the crack on the wall of our veranda.  My childhood sketches of places of intimacy, solitude, and congregation reminded me of the people in my life at the time, the objects in the … Continue reading The Emotions in Spaces

Expressing through Experience

A place plays a really important role in our life which teaches us certain kinds of emotions  and feelings. in which ‘memory’ plays an important role. The experience at those spaces is different every time we visit or recall the memory of it. Different places teach different kinds of experiences such as solitude, intimacy and congregation. This could be due to a specific person, element, atmosphere. The memories from past years can be blurred or cannot be described in a detailed manner. To remember those moments sketching can capture most of it. These are the memories of childhood with my … Continue reading Expressing through Experience

Reflation of memory and observation in sketch

Memory and observation in sketches in three terms of situation solitude, intimacy and congregation. solitude is about the space from are memory or current space which I can live alone for sometimes ” A space where I can feel my soul ” from my memory I spent my most of time of in lockdown in my balcony seat on one step down floor. Intimacy is the space where I can spent my time with my friend or my person. from my memory in my teenage me and my sister spent most of time in garden in front my old house. … Continue reading Reflation of memory and observation in sketch

Through Memories And Observations

The emotions one feels at some point in time are incredible that they leave a permanent impact on oneself. They always stay in one’s head as a memory. There are also things that one is experiencing in the present. Experiences of solitude, intimacy and congregation are tried to recapture on paper through sketches. While trying to recapture memories as a sketch, I understood many more aspects of those experiences and tried to put them on paper as they were. Present experiences are based on observations. They are more about how things are rather than how it feels.  The most complicated … Continue reading Through Memories And Observations

Spaces of Solitude, Intimacy and Congregation from brain and eyes

Memory and feelings plays an important role in what we learn. They change the experience of the moment when we recall them. They are also associated with the surrounding environment as we experience solitude, intimacy and congregation. To remember those memories and the environment around in order to understand the space as to why it provided solitude or intimacy or congregation I did an exercise of sketching. The first exercise was about recalling those memories on paper to identify a space for each of the three emotions. As memory don’t have exact details stored in mind, while sketching I tend … Continue reading Spaces of Solitude, Intimacy and Congregation from brain and eyes