Learning through body

The exercise of sketching everyday for a month gave an opportunity to try, fail, try again till you find something interesting and take things ahead. I had always sketched spaces, buildings, trees and vegetation. 2 weeks of drawing human beings took away the inhibition  of being bad at drawing human beings. It provided me with an opportunity to try different mediums to realise where exactly … Continue reading Learning through body

Trying to be a tree

Observing the world of plants and trees is different from humans in many ways. Firstly, they move in very subtle ways unlike human beings always in motion and secondly, drawing them is less about capturing muscular composition but more about the relationships that are shared between two leaves or how leaves are wrapped around a branch. The trees I chose to draw captured me because … Continue reading Trying to be a tree

Drawing: Visual & Spatial Representation 

The first hour of everyday was to be dedicated to drawing, mostly from direct observation of the subject in presence. This exercise has a threefold objective: 
1. Centring the body & mind, building hand & eye coordination and beginning the day in quietude
2. Building patience & perseverance in addition to developing visual & spatial representation skills
3. Developing a nuanced understanding of the inhabitants and protagonists of spaces Continue reading Drawing: Visual & Spatial Representation 

Bhaat-Nyotna: Performance unique to Community

When I was prompted to think about performing arts unique to my community/region. I began by ruminating over three words- performing arts, my community and my region. My region is Delhi, the kind of Delhi where the middle classes live in gated colonies. The kind of Delhi that is all about travelling by metro. This is the region I identify the most with. The community … Continue reading Bhaat-Nyotna: Performance unique to Community