Final review

The site is in Jasdan. The program consists of a new childhood home, art workshop, and display gallery for a family of 5 with kids living and studying out of town. What about your house & your neighborhood influenced your choice of the program? Given the town of Jasdan where there are many artists, but not many dedicated spaces for the art to be displayed or to be taught. Hence, to address and educate I am offering an art workshop and a display gallery. How do your house and the institution meet and also stay independent? The house and institution … Continue reading Final review

Rechecking everything

With months over months spent working on this design the finals are now approaching and the pressure building up, we need to finalise everything, orthographic drawings, models, wall sections etc. though I find it hard to work this week because of the long list of deliverable and the number of things to be resolved. I still tried my best to do everything. the arrangement of functions in the spaces was quite of a challenge for me, since architecture revolves around the function and not the other way round, I tried to put all the functions and its respective architecture in … Continue reading Rechecking everything

The last Workshop

As the end of the semester is near we had our second offline workshop, which was only for four days, unlike the first workshop this time we only focused on finalizing our designs. On the first day we had our first offline peer review on the community space model and site model. On the second day we did 1:20 scale wall sections of the design, we made wall sections for the very first time in this studio so it took a little time to complete it. On the third day we made detailed elevations, showing all the details of fenestrations. … Continue reading The last Workshop

Finalizing Design

The offline week, we did many different exercises to reach the end of our design, we made wall sections to see what’s going on inside the walls of the building, 3d models to see the building in person, elevations and sections to understand the habitation in the building. On the first day we brought our 3d models that we made and gave peer feedback on each other’s designs and models about what’s working and what’s not working and what’s need to be changed and what could be changed. This way we got to critically analyze our peers’ designs giving us … Continue reading Finalizing Design

The second workshop week

This workshop was quite different from what I expected it to be. On the first day of the workshop, I thought we’ll be doing something on plans and resolving that first but it was totally different. The whole process was simultaneous, we made models, plans, sections, wall sections, elevations with fenestration. The first day of workshop was only about discussing models with peers and tutor. In which I came to realize the mistakes that I’ve been making since childhood home model that there is no sense of inhabitation. Also in the institution model the there was no sense of fenestration. … Continue reading The second workshop week


With months over months spent working on this design, where we first started with designing the residential part inside the pit and finally coming out of it and designing the institute and meeting the world. This week we explored the relationship of the house with the neighbourhood its surrounded with and to make the house a part of the neighbourhood. We first made the axonometric view of the design which shows inhabitation and fenestrations. Since axonometric models tends to be more expressive than any plans and sections, the model speaks a lot about the sizes of spaces and their relation … Continue reading REACHING THE END OF DESIGN


I am offering an art workshop and a display gallery to my neighborhood. My site is in the center of my town so basically, it has a lot of festivals happening around the road. The entrance side of the house is on the roadside and it has a huge empty ground on the opposite side of the side. So I am thinking of making a small entrance from that side too. As there is home also inside of the pit the main entrance has to be on the roadside. But for the workshop people can come from the other side. … Continue reading Neighbourhood

We completed the design of my childhood home, and now further in the module, we have to convert and expand the house into a community space. As the children as in me and bother are now grown up and left the house to study further, my parents are the only occupants of the house so the house is now only limited to my parents with an institution on the ground floor and the first floor. My mother always keeps telling, that she’ll own a food stall after her retirement as she is very fond of cooking, And the neighbourhood I … Continue reading