A journey through the history of House of MG

Following the midterm and the time problem we had regarding the development of the residential house into a full-fledged institution, this week we were asked to do a case study on the House of MG which is located in the old city of Ahmadabad. The case study was intended to study the architecture and material of the building and take whatever we can take from it for the design process of our institution. This building is an important example for our institution because this too was a residential building at first which was later converted into a public space, which … Continue reading A journey through the history of House of MG

Converted Space

Located in the heart of Ahmedabad, The house of MG is a boutique heritage hotel built in 1924. The hotel is a museum of heritage with the story in every corner. As we enter there is a reception area and lobby no less than museums. Lotus pool and indoor swimming pool with beautiful ceiling paintings inspired by lotus. There is a Green house CafĂ© on the ground floor. The room has the charm of the Era with the use of contemporary designs and modern elements. Materials and elements used like louvers, stained glass in windows, swing, bookshelf.  On a rooftop … Continue reading Converted Space

Haveli Dharampura

A haveli constructed in 1887 AD, dilapidated to such an extent that it was ordered by the municipal corporation to be demolished to ensure the safety of its surroundings, was restored in all its senses, aesthetically, structurally, and hence, quite naturally. The Haveli thus later turned out to be a marvel in terms of its grandeur and essence of Mughal royalty in the midst of the bustling Chandni Chowk of old Delhi. The elevated plinth, arches, marble inlay walls, jharokhas, among other elements seem to have rightly restored the Mughal essence that was once lost. The Haveli now functions as … Continue reading Haveli Dharampura

Visiting House of Mangaldas Girdhardas

A house built in 1904 for the family of Mangaldas Girdhardas, represents the colonial heritage architecture of the early 20th century, having many different courtyards and verandas filled with various vegetations. It is said that this house is designed and built by the craftsmen from the locality and nearby villages. The building has gone through many transformations from 1904 to present (2021). For instance, the indoor Lotus Pool in the late 20th century was a Dispensary, when the building was occupied by clinics, school and hospital, and initially this space was for the Industrial Bank, which was added as a … Continue reading Visiting House of Mangaldas Girdhardas


The visit to the house of mg was so much fun. I went there a second time, so I already knew the architecture and I needed to do it was to focus more on the reuse of the architecture how all types of spaces and activities could work in a single building. The best part about the building that I find fascinating is that even though these different activities are happening, there is no disturbance from one to another. The residence was converted into a heritage hotel with restaurants, museums, and shops selling ancient crafts. I did not just learn … Continue reading Similarities

The house of MG

The house of MG located in lal darwaja, Ahmedabad is a hotel with a museum.It was a haveli of mangaldas which then was converted into an institution place. The mass and void of the residence was intriguing as the placement of the builtform was such it made a beautiful courtyard. The entrance consists of big verandah space and the there is a foyer at the entrance. It consists of reception and waiting space. And than another foyer space has art shop and there are posters and books about the owner of the haveli Mangaldas. That foyer open ups to the … Continue reading The house of MG

Exploring the house

The House of MG was built as a residence and was later converted into a hotel. It is located on one of Ahmedabad’s main roads. It is a large area with restaurants, stores, indoor sports games, and a museum gallery. It has high walls and a large gate at the entrance. Inside, the environment is peaceful and relaxing. As we enter, the first thing we see is the lobby with reception, which leads to the courtyards, then the facilities areas, and lastly the boutique shops. On the ground floor, the entrance area connects to the indoor pool on one side, while … Continue reading Exploring the house

Visiting spaces to observe and learn

Standing beside one of the busy roads of Ahmedabad, the House of M.G. has a very peaceful environment as one enters in the foyer.  The tiles in the entrance contrasting with the compound tiles gives an instantaneous feel of entering the home. As one enters the house, the reception guides through the community space and has a shop in the end of the hall. Where the space seems to be divided in three parts with reception and a shop in the center on the left where it gives entrance to community space and left the space used only by the … Continue reading Visiting spaces to observe and learn