Converted Space

Located in the heart of Ahmedabad, The house of MG is a boutique heritage hotel built in 1924. The hotel is a museum of heritage with the story in every corner. As we enter there is a reception area and lobby no less than museums. Lotus pool and indoor swimming pool with beautiful ceiling paintings inspired by lotus. There is a Green house Café on the ground floor. The room has the charm of the Era with the use of contemporary designs and modern elements. Materials and elements used like louvers, stained glass in windows, swing, bookshelf.  On a rooftop … Continue reading Converted Space

Iterations of Plan

During the offline workshop we had done quick collage with use of our own sketches we had done before. Which represent our concept of design of childhood home. While doing this it feels like our own work cuts or breaks it and making it something new is difficult but it’s important to see new possibilities in our own work. Iteration of plan during offline workshop learning of design space understanding in design is to help to develop and make two iterations in a day and check with tutors if it is working or not and again get back to work. … Continue reading Iterations of Plan

With Time Goes Space Changed

Time problem of exploded view of my own design with the new changes in ground floor and adding one floor and design an institute according to my neighborhood. After thinking around my neighborhood I want to create an institute of Art and Craft for children. It will help to explore, spread awareness about art because in my neighborhood if some children have skills of art and craft but they are not aware or they didn’t have platform to polish their skills see as an career. Art related institutions helps my parents to see creative field which they like after a … Continue reading With Time Goes Space Changed

Hold Old Memory’s Emotion with Future

My image of childhood is represent a “Raw house’s courtyard’s mud smell” in new design of my childhood home I was trying to keep this thing in my design. In the process of design offline experience was so amazing. Quick iteration schematic plan and section helps to develop a design of the house. In design to understand mass void of spaces we had done soap model. The process of buying soap base to make a soap and make a model was complete new experience with new material. It gives a sense that the new design how structurally it stands. Continue reading Hold Old Memory’s Emotion with Future

Plan & Section

Orthographic drawings had done hand drafted plan, section, elevation for each configuration for surface development for 3D models. I always enjoy the Hand drafting. We had solved it with our group before we had done it in VSR. While Solving configuration and doing drafting is calculating and technical drawing for the models. Below is a sketches of my old home where I lived when I was ten year old. I feel the emotional connection with all those happy moments, routine relations with the space of home, fights with cousins, those corners of lonely people from the family. Carving in thick … Continue reading Plan & Section

Memories of old Home 

Memories of myself ten year old with my home and spaces. The narration I had created from my memory with my home. With the use of all previous work in the studio, create a visual narration. All that work allows my narration to be represented in a visual image.  While doing visual narration when I see my previous work it allows me to relate those images to my memory’s experience. It has a minimal text but the emotion, space, nature of the space it comes out with those images we had done already. So that text allows me to add … Continue reading Memories of old Home 

Story of My Childhood’s Neighborhood on Canvas

When I saw the brief I had just started thinking of my childhood. While doing attempt for my iteration neighborhood experience of recalling all my memory was feel really attached with those spaces. So I had decide to do monochromatic sketch and render it. After review from tutors and my peers I changed the medium. So In my final attempt I had done in blue monochromatic sketch. The experience of changing medium helps me to highlight important space in my childhood. The most important thing is I enjoyed this process. After done that we had a workshop for collage of … Continue reading Story of My Childhood’s Neighborhood on Canvas

Sketches of memories

Retracing: Photographs are collection of our memory, sketching from photographs means rethink that experience of life that we lived which captured in this image. In previous VSR1 I have to make efforts to remembering those scenes and memories. In this there add support of image that I can capture the emotion, scene of the image and that are own memory. While doing this exercise I’m enjoying sketching because it’s come up with lot’s of memories and emotions. In that upper one that is memory from my every Saturday to go to my mother’s school. Experience of different mediums helps to … Continue reading Sketches of memories

Space inside Box

Secret space six meter down from the ground creating a space for solitude, intimacy and congregation. It has to compact and interconnection of all three spaces. I had choose material according what kind of space you are going to follow. Iteration: Linear spaces. while going through the process of this tackle a situation of unnecessary built area and voids all those solved with the help of tutor and peer’s. After attempts of some iteration I come with this below iteration in this iteration I had use geometry interconnects between spaces and experience of tree while reach to the space. Drawings … Continue reading Space inside Box

Expression of body

Humans generally express their emotion through their body. In visual and spatial representation help me to study and observe the expression of human faces and body. How human posture of setting their activity sketches in routine life teach me about their body moment their expressions. I’m always scared to draw human body and faces but this exercise gives me a confidence that “practice makes the proportion and strokes right.” the experience while sketching it gives me confidence on my stokes. portrait is something that I found difficult because the expression of face have to capture is takes a lot of … Continue reading Expression of body