Performance: What could a backyard park be ?

Since there are a lot of already pre-existing homes facing my site. I would like to turn part of each home into an offering for this performance place. It could be someone’s stilt, another’s the rear lobby, someone’s cantilevered balcony and another’s plinth. I imagine this place to maintain its rustic feeling and one should feel the density of vegetation they are surrounded by. Taking … Continue reading Performance: What could a backyard park be ?

A feeling to form: Part One

When one is asked to give form to what they are feeling inside, things get tricky. Although due to social conditioning and twenty years of being part of civilisation – some words and feelings begin to get associated with tastes, colours, shapes and sounds. As if everything is finding its characteristics to make itself more real. A feeling wanting to acquire full form or a … Continue reading A feeling to form: Part One

What’s there in the backyard parks of Rohini?

Me: Ye jagah koi use nahi karta hai, hum ise apna adda bana sakte hai. Mohak(my childhood friend, whose house was beside park in images below) : Pata hai mummy ne bataya tha yaha saanpp bhi ghoomte hai. Yaha nahi khelna chahiye. Me: This park is visible from my house’s balcony. The back gates of other people’s homes open to this well-shaded space. We had … Continue reading What’s there in the backyard parks of Rohini?

Trying to be a tree

Observing the world of plants and trees is different from humans in many ways. Firstly, they move in very subtle ways unlike human beings always in motion and secondly, drawing them is less about capturing muscular composition but more about the relationships that are shared between two leaves or how leaves are wrapped around a branch. The trees I chose to draw captured me because … Continue reading Trying to be a tree

In the neighbourhood: Madari

Madari: Street performer who entertains people with help of their trained monkeys, Magician, Conjurer, Trickster. Monkeys and their performance acts have been my earliest memory of witnessing performing arts. I have stories told to me about my great-grandmother making me dance with them to the beat of her walking stick. My fascination with monkeys’ acts as performance could also be traced to a favourite toy … Continue reading In the neighbourhood: Madari

How do we inhabit a space?

On a Monday morning, over a zoom call, we started by understanding how a space is inhabited. What are the various scales of interaction that unfold in a space? What are those distinct types of space requirements that our being needs for different interactions to happen? Solitude(Myself)      Intimacy( You + me= Us)       Congregation (We) For me, a State of solitude is a truly vulnerable state … Continue reading How do we inhabit a space?

Bhaat-Nyotna: Performance unique to Community

When I was prompted to think about performing arts unique to my community/region. I began by ruminating over three words- performing arts, my community and my region. My region is Delhi, the kind of Delhi where the middle classes live in gated colonies. The kind of Delhi that is all about travelling by metro. This is the region I identify the most with. The community … Continue reading Bhaat-Nyotna: Performance unique to Community