Recollecting all the learnings

Role of memories and emotions in the creative process During the whole process, remembering the old memories acted as a base to start upon any design process. Starting with remembering the spaces of congregation, intimacy and solitude, experienced then sketching those, also brought in the emotions felt during sitting in those spaces. For solitude, I had done sketch of my balcony which was filled with potted plants, while doing that sketch it also reminded the feeling of relaxation after having a busy day. Elements like the connection of the balcony to the sky made it feel relaxing, this observation was … Continue reading Recollecting all the learnings

Learning through mistakes

 While working through the end of this brief for the final presentation, few parts in my design were to be fixed and one of them was the roof. As it had three distinct mass and three voids at different levels,this lead to collision of roof to another roof at the overhang of the wooden roof. Initially during the process I started with a vaulted roof and pitch roof but they were going with the architectural language of the buildings around the site. Next I went on to try gable roof and lean to roof but with the placement of them … Continue reading Learning through mistakes

Observing and learning through visits

 This offline week we started off with discussing the models of the institute and the site model to understand how the house and the community space are cohabitating with the neighbourhood. By looking at the entrance of the institute and the house, how the spaces are connected to each other. By making the model it also gave a clear understanding of how the roof is placed. By looking at others’ models it also gave me an understanding of which materials can be used while making the model, and how the trees can be represented.The next deliverable was to make wall … Continue reading Observing and learning through visits

Visiting spaces to observe and learn

Standing beside one of the busy roads of Ahmedabad, the House of M.G. has a very peaceful environment as one enters in the foyer.  The tiles in the entrance contrasting with the compound tiles gives an instantaneous feel of entering the home. As one enters the house, the reception guides through the community space and has a shop in the end of the hall. Where the space seems to be divided in three parts with reception and a shop in the center on the left where it gives entrance to community space and left the space used only by the … Continue reading Visiting spaces to observe and learn

Working On Other’s Design

After completing the brief of my childhood home, this week it was about exchanging each other’s designs and making a community space on the ground floor and first floor. While exchanging each other’s design we discussed what kind of neighbourhood was there around the house and what activities took place in the neighbourhood. This gave an idea that a kind of community space can be built according to the neighbourhood. We also discussed what was the basic concept behind building the house, so that it would help to build further upon it.  I was working on one of my groupmate’s … Continue reading Working On Other’s Design

Reimaging the childhood home

While imaging my new childhood home, one of the first things that appeared were things I liked the most in the old childhood and how it can be placed again in the new one. Those things were the plants to create a microclimate around the house and connecting the kitchen to other spaces was very important for me. As I have a small family including me and parents so there was only a small number of spaces needed. The spaces were to be placed in the 6m deep pit, on account of this I planned to place the kitchen on … Continue reading Reimaging the childhood home