The Closure Review

Finally, my childhood home was converted into an institute. After the closure of my childhood home design. I first started thinking about neighborhood context and what community space does it require. My site is located in Amreli, Gujrat. Amreli is quite famous for Sanghadia bangles. My parents are into its business and also my neighborhood has trained workers for it. So I decided to make an exhibition of bangles and their manufacturing. I wanted to make a space where visitors can also see how workers are making those bangles.  My neighborhood is the society area which basically has one-story houses. … Continue reading The Closure Review

Exchanging Ideas

After finishing working on my childhood home, there was an interesting surprise for us. We had a time problem. Now the childhood is going to be an institute where the lower two floors would remain as a home but from the ground floor, there would be an institution. Now the interesting part about this is we had to work on one of our peers’ designs instead of our design. And the same way one of my peers worked on my design. I started working on Bhavya’s design. First I started with understanding his design and neighbourhood. A house is located … Continue reading Exchanging Ideas

Design Representation

Designs were pretty much resolved by the start of this week. During this week I worked on the representation of the design. As we were at the closure of the design there weren’t any major changes in the design so this week we have to work by ourselves. For representation first I started with making plans, sections and elevation of my childhood home. Once the technical drawings were ready I tried to show furniture and the humans in the drawings. It gave the idea of how childhood home is going to be inhabited.  Then to show inside of the childhood … Continue reading Design Representation

Merging changes

 After a review, there were some changes to make in the design. In review, I got new directions to work on. While following those new directions it was also important to hold on to the old ones. Since I was working on plans and sections, it was difficult to merge directions. So I first started with making with watercolour and allowed medium to suggest changes. And then after that, I tried to show those changes in plans and sections with inhabitation. The limitation of the 2D medium encourages me to work with a model of the new childhood home. Working … Continue reading Merging changes

Collecting Memories For New Childhood Home

Last week we finally used all the sketches, portraits, spatial profiles and body studies we have made during a VSR or any other studio exercise.  First, starting with a process, I have combined all the sketches for a graphic novella autobiography of my childhood. I recalled decade old memories, equipped them to write a narration with a little bit of the filling of a function. Once narration was ready, the challenge was to present it through the graphics which I already made. Sketches and spatial profiles helped me to give an idea of the spaces. Portraits and body studies helped … Continue reading Collecting Memories For New Childhood Home

Figuring Out configurations

During the last two weeks, we were working on making models and orthographical drawings of given configurations. We made 2 plans, 4 elevations and sections for each configuration to understand it better. It was something new as well cause till then VSR used to be sketching based but this time it was technical. We were working on a total of 4 configurations between them we were also being introduced to two other parts of it. Making a model of the childhood home out of a 2-inch thick thermocol sheet by carving it out.  Then also we made plans and sections … Continue reading Figuring Out configurations

Recapturing on Paper

This VSR exercise started with finding a decade-old album of photographs which was very exciting about this exercise. Going through those photographs and remembering the spaces and story behind each photograph was pretty interesting. I was excited to sketch out those moments on paper.  Portraits and self-portraits are mostly about paying attention to features and details of the face for me. I was surprised by my features, which were way different back then but still, there is something that remains the same. This time I also tried to use pencil colors in portraits. It requires more practice but I think … Continue reading Recapturing on Paper

Lessons Through Secret Space

The real fun is designing a hideout space. It also has a great story behind it. This is a 6 m deep pit as a space. Only me and my three friends know about it, it is hidden from the whole world outside. We design and build that space. After that, we decided to invite the fifteenth of our close friends to the secret space. This kind of story gave me a personal connection with the space.  To design the space of solitude, intimacy, and congregation, I recalled what I learned from the last exercise. What kind of space I … Continue reading Lessons Through Secret Space

Details captured, just in a glance

While trying to capture a face into a sketch, a frame changes a bit every time. A person also sometimes moves a bit, but the mind eventually tries to focus on important things for sketch and sketch it out. It’s fun to sketch out faces from the surrounding. While making portraits of family members, I learn so much about faces and how to represent those things in the sketch. I noticed some new things about my family members’ faces that I never pay attention to before. Trying to show wrinkles on grandma’s face was something new and interesting for me. … Continue reading Details captured, just in a glance

Through Memories And Observations

The emotions one feels at some point in time are incredible that they leave a permanent impact on oneself. They always stay in one’s head as a memory. There are also things that one is experiencing in the present. Experiences of solitude, intimacy and congregation are tried to recapture on paper through sketches. While trying to recapture memories as a sketch, I understood many more aspects of those experiences and tried to put them on paper as they were. Present experiences are based on observations. They are more about how things are rather than how it feels.  The most complicated … Continue reading Through Memories And Observations