Institutionalising the Home

The journey till now had been on the development of the imagination and construction of my childhood home, set in the context of my original childhood home. Now was the time to move from that atmosphere of nostalgia and reminiscence to come back to present where the main occupants of the space are my grandparents, not me, whose teenage self has moved out for higher studies. The building from the ground up had to be rethought and modified as a public institution that responds and addressed the needs of the neighbouring society. The beginning of the development of a commercial … Continue reading Institutionalising the Home

Being on My Toes

Set amidst the time of resolving the design of the childhood home and working towards a jury presentation with external jurors, the week was set to work together as co-learners, attempting to spend maximum time together on campus. The week started with the review on the previously done work, but in a different method where everyone were seated together around a table, rather than meeting online. Reviews involved suggestions marked on the drawings of plans and sections, with each mistake being starkly noticeable considering it was viewed in real time rather than over a computer screen. With that, began the … Continue reading Being on My Toes