Final week

As the final semester, was coming to an end we all were excited about presenting our work. Since the brief mention about designing an institute above the residence, I thought of making a yoga and meditation center. we had one week left before jury day. Necessary changes were to be made like changing fenestration and a few other things though my massing was the same as before. I wanted to design a yoga and meditation center because that is a subject that has intrigued me. My site was located inside a narrow society. The entrance is from the northeast direction. … Continue reading Final week

Second offline workshop

The second workshop was conducted offline on campus. There were continuous discussions going on in the studio. It was the busiest week while working on the campus. But it was fun to work on campus as we were more productive on campus than at home.  The second offline workshop started with a peer review of the model. The material I used to make the 1:75 scale model was jute board and greyboard. The use of greyboard was far easier to cut than the jute board. The reason behind using two materials was jute board depicted the brick infill while the … Continue reading Second offline workshop

The house of MG

The house of MG located in lal darwaja, Ahmedabad is a hotel with a museum.It was a haveli of mangaldas which then was converted into an institution place. The mass and void of the residence was intriguing as the placement of the builtform was such it made a beautiful courtyard. The entrance consists of big verandah space and the there is a foyer at the entrance. It consists of reception and waiting space. And than another foyer space has art shop and there are posters and books about the owner of the haveli Mangaldas. That foyer open ups to the … Continue reading The house of MG

Design shuffle

After weeks of working on our design, we had articulated our childhood home and fulfilled all the requirements. Now we had to add an institution space in the same childhood home. Since we had grown after and went out for further studies the ground floor was of no use for residents so converting that into an institution space was the idea and adding one more floor above. The intriguing concept was the shuffle of the design meaning we had to exchange our design with our peers.  I have got Aastha’s design so first and foremost I understood the context of … Continue reading Design shuffle

Articulating childhood home

The childhood design process has come to an end after doing a lot of processes. The past few weeks we were making our childhood home more organized and then further articulated building blocks by playing with their volumes and tried adding different windows and building elements. Though it was a bit hard to intervene in the core idea and then also organize building blocks appropriately.   The size of the pit was comparatively big than the rest so I have stacked both the building block on the diagonal corner and I have connected two big courtyards with a narrow courtyard … Continue reading Articulating childhood home

The offline rush!

The past two weeks were exciting as we had been in a process of designing the childhood home of a 10-year younger self started online and ended offline. In the first week in order to get going in our design process of recreating childhood homes, we made bubble diagrams, images, diagrams, and soap models. And in the next week, we made continuous iterations of childhood home along with another soap model. The previous week was quite thrilling as we did some fun activities like catching rice balls and drawing openings etc. the design was to be kept 50 percent built … Continue reading The offline rush!

Reminiscing (part 2)

The past week was spent making visual comic representations of old memories and making astory of them. As it was an ongoing process of previous work now we had to create anautobiographic that explains all the spaces that we have been remembering and sketching inprevious exercises. This exercise intends to re-remember all the memories from a decade agothat we connect with and represent them in a comic format. And by doing so we will have some idea as to which space connects more and which space should I have in my new childhood home. So basically this exercise serves as … Continue reading Reminiscing (part 2)

The inside space

Designing a hideout space inside the pit was a fun task. thinking, visualizing, and feeling how we would want our space to be. Since I like courtyards, trees, open spaces, and light structures I started making the model intuitively, in the beginning, coinciding with my key point. In the being, my model was not up to the mark still the organization and design were to be resolved. The entire process started by making iterations that were not so coherent concerning my key points and arrangement of the blocks. These few week-long processes helped me think about making concepts directly on … Continue reading The inside space

Observation and expression

sketching is an expressive medium through which one can understand one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The presence of the mind can be achieved through sketching. We can show the reflection of our perception of the world by expressing ourselves through pen and paper and one can use different mediums to express precisely the experience. Sometimes it helps us in calming our anxiety, worry, sadness, or depression by articulating our emotion on paper. It is indeed a great thing to do just to bring ourselves up. As a result of this exercise, I could sketch portraits using different strokes and mediums … Continue reading Observation and expression