Concluding the Process

My house is located in Surat, Gujarat. It is a township near Hazira. For years, neighbouring children used to visit our home  especially during festivals like Ganesh Chatturthi and Navratri. My mother is fond of kids and likes to be with them. The choice of the program of designing a Day Care centre (for kids below ten year old), is influenced by this aspect. Also, the neighbouring context of the house is of a township for the employees of a corporate company, wherein there are families where both the parents work from eight to six. This makes  the child feel … Continue reading Concluding the Process

Pre Final Work

The past week was about terminating the design process and concluding the process by defining the construction details, fenestrations and elevations. The design resolution and detailing was happening hand in hand. It was a bit difficult for me to work this week, as there was less time to resolve the drawings and make the detailed drawing. Later, this helped in resolving the design better, as while resolving the design, in the back of my head I could now also think upon the construction details and articulation. Now when I look for a design drawing I see it through many aspects, … Continue reading Pre Final Work

Second week of Workshop

The 14th week of Studio was offline. About the termination of the monsoon semester 2021. As expected for the last workshop, I was expected to work hard and be dedicated. The week started with a peer review on our design models. From my peers and faculty, I came to know what improvements my model and design needs. I had to change the form of my roof, and think more on the inhibition of the spaces, as in how the small kids will mess the space. I also had to close off the entrance and keep only one entry for the … Continue reading Second week of Workshop

On campus Workshop

After seven weeks of online studio, being on campus for the eighth week was a great experience. We could engage better with faculty and with our peers, with getting more time for individual work. Early morning rice balloons exercise helped my body to engage in a better way with the things happening in the surroundings (and not to stress the body unnecessarily). Mainly, doing my part in the world. Days like this, continued by some quick exercises, which focused on observing the things on campus. On one day we quickly walked around the campus and drew some plans and sections … Continue reading On campus Workshop

Enhancing the  Neighbourhood

Rethinking about the pit and the neighbourhood, the house has to grow further into an institution which greatly serves the neighbourings and ensures the privacy of the house below the ground. From the time problem, an idea of making an exhibition hall and a theatre space was proposed by Mahek. This idea in a way is good if I look into the design brief, but the fact that we all would have left our homes in future say in some ten years, then possibly this intent does work. It would be better if my neighbors had similar interests as my … Continue reading Enhancing the  Neighbourhood

Visiting House of Mangaldas Girdhardas

A house built in 1904 for the family of Mangaldas Girdhardas, represents the colonial heritage architecture of the early 20th century, having many different courtyards and verandas filled with various vegetations. It is said that this house is designed and built by the craftsmen from the locality and nearby villages. The building has gone through many transformations from 1904 to present (2021). For instance, the indoor Lotus Pool in the late 20th century was a Dispensary, when the building was occupied by clinics, school and hospital, and initially this space was for the Industrial Bank, which was added as a … Continue reading Visiting House of Mangaldas Girdhardas

Shuffling and Articulating

The designing of my childhood home is concluded by now growing the pit house into an institution which could serve the neighbourhood. For this week we had a time problem where we shuffled our childhood homes among ourselves and gave our inputs to someone else to design on to what all new possibilities or challenges could be possible. I designed an institution for Netri’s house, which iis located in Ahmedabad. The pit has adjacent buildings on all three sides, hence, only one side from the entry was open to the street. Her neighbourhood had very few public places, to list … Continue reading Shuffling and Articulating


In the past weeks the design was to be articulated. Articulation of different spaces was explored through different sections and elevations, like how the spaces will come together and how the inhibition would happen. Particularly in my design this helped me in thinking about different spaces like how the two major facades will be seen in the spaces, as it has a continuous wall forming across the double heights as seen in the above section FF’. Sections helped in articulating, but after making a 1:75 model there were surprises that came across to me while making it. Few things could … Continue reading Articulation

Inhabiting in Future

After the midsem, the design got a new perspective to go ahead on. The design has now shifted from designing the spaces to inhabiting the spaces. It was all about inhabiting the space, thinking of vegetation, furniture and other objects. We had to also start thinking on how the materials of these elements will be. Moreover it was about articulating the design further in detail. Particularly in my design, after mid sem I worked on interconnecting the double height volumes with the other spaces around. Like introducing a window in the parent’s room which opens up into the veranda on … Continue reading Inhabiting in Future

Designing Future in the Past

This week was all about designing my childhood home. The design was restricted to be three metre high from ground level at max and six metres below the ground level. Out of the total volume of the pit, 50 percent of the pit volume had to be kept open or unbuilt. My base idea was to stake the three levels as per occupancies. Like the top most floor for the guests and visitors, the middle level floor for dining and parents and the bottom most floor for myself and for my family to gather. The site being in Hazira, very … Continue reading Designing Future in the Past