A journey through the history of House of MG

Following the midterm and the time problem we had regarding the development of the residential house into a full-fledged institution, this week we were asked to do a case study on the House of MG which is located in the old city of Ahmadabad. The case study was intended to study the architecture and material of the building and take whatever we can take from it for the design process of our institution. This building is an important example for our institution because this too was a residential building at first which was later converted into a public space, which … Continue reading A journey through the history of House of MG

A Week Long Refinement

Unlike any other class I had since my first year, this week was quite of an experience for me, this entire week not just taught me architecture but also how to manage time and schedule to keep up with the classes and work load. Starting from day one of the week we had an exercise where we created rice in a balloon ball and we literally played catch with it, first it was very confusing for all us but soon we realized its for increasing our focus and to be more present. We did this exercise for the whole week. … Continue reading A Week Long Refinement

Shuffling the designs

Reworking on your design again and again is quite a monotonous job which is bound to become“boring” after a while, but working on someone else’s design was sure a refreshing experience. For weeks after refining our designs over and over again, we were introduced to institution spaces that we were need to create over the existing residential design, but here’s the catch; instead of working on our own design we were given the designs of our peers.   For me I got Aanchal’s design, it was quite an intimidating experience for me in the beginning since I wasn’t familiar with … Continue reading Shuffling the designs

Looking Back at Memories

Times flies by easily as we grow old, get on with life and forgets about the good times we had. It’s the memories that we are left with and hold on to. Looking back at those memories through photos and sketching the members in the photographs was a beautiful and a peaceful experience. Not only I had my daily sketching practice but get to relive and got lost in some long-forgotten memories of my childhood. In the two-week long module, we looked at many photographs which were more than a decade old. We carefully examined and looked at the expressions, … Continue reading Looking Back at Memories


Building a “four-walled” space is one thing but making a living space with each space having a thought process behind it and a phenomenal ambience to it is a completely different thing. There’s a sense of movement, an experience that the space is trying to provide and a feeling of belonging to it especially when it comes to private spaces like solitude and intimacy.  In the current module we did the same. We created a dream space in a pit which is six meter deep having a designated congregation, intimate and solitude spaces with each being carefully designed to correlate … Continue reading BUILDING FROM TOP TO BOTTOM

Revisiting spaces

We interact with our surroundings in a number of different ways, both physically and emotionally. There are spaces where we have deep conversations, spaces where we talk to ourselves and spaces, we all gather. We remember these places because they have special memories associated with them. Every architectural space holds special meaning to it. Recreating these spaces from memory was a great experience. Not only I get to revisit my childhood home my grandparents’ home but also it gave me a newer perspective to look at those spaces. Making these sketches while keeping the light and shadow intact and remembering … Continue reading Revisiting spaces