Of Closure & Beyond

The house being a safe harboring space for the family, allowed for members to grow, learn and expand their horizons with time. Thus, when the time came for an expansion of the house into an institution, an architectural workspace along with a small painting studio space was proposed as the program that was designed such that it could cater to the needs of the parents, both in terms of their profession and their passion. The extension of the building on the floors meeting the neighborhood also incorporated a colonnade and pergola so as to merge with the surroundings and ground … Continue reading Of Closure & Beyond

Pre-Final Preparation

After the workshop week, we were given a few days time to work for a pre-final jury to better prepare us for the final jury falling in the next week, the last week of the semester. The long list of deliverables was surely intimidating, but scheduling the work such that I do not end up working at the last minute really helped me out considering it felt very easy to slack away in the beginning as I knew I had a lot of time on my hands. I began by resolving certain elements of design throughout the house and the … Continue reading Pre-Final Preparation

Brief Visits

The second in-person workshop or offline studio was an event I anticipated with great nervousness and excitement. The hectic work hours, intense quantity of work and tiring days overflowing into nights experienced in the first workshop had set up my expectations accordingly. This workshop, though not contrary but still was very different from the first. The work felt intense because of how much I was wanting to achieve, but at the same time, I focused a lot on not just finishing off my work in time but also tried my best to focus intricately on the amount of care I … Continue reading Brief Visits

Of Play & Work

The new module exploring a potential institution lying above the house is in play. Along with it the play of structure, material, roof, staircase, program with respect to providing a space for the community has been off to an exciting start.  The neighborhood was briefly studied through an axonometric so as to analyze what sort of a program would benefit the people accessing the neighborhood. Or, the culture of the family was considered and hence gave the foundation for the program of the institution. In my particular design, a creative workspace and a home office has been proposed for my … Continue reading Of Play & Work

Haveli Dharampura

A haveli constructed in 1887 AD, dilapidated to such an extent that it was ordered by the municipal corporation to be demolished to ensure the safety of its surroundings, was restored in all its senses, aesthetically, structurally, and hence, quite naturally. The Haveli thus later turned out to be a marvel in terms of its grandeur and essence of Mughal royalty in the midst of the bustling Chandni Chowk of old Delhi. The elevated plinth, arches, marble inlay walls, jharokhas, among other elements seem to have rightly restored the Mughal essence that was once lost. The Haveli now functions as … Continue reading Haveli Dharampura

Thoroughness in Haste

The week was intense not just in terms of the workload but also in terms of the mediums explored, architectural elements analyzed and the amount of iterations improved upon. Each day had something new to offer be it a fun-filled game of catch or the process of quickly sketching out as many openings and fenestrations, each of the exercises had a purpose that ultimately enabled us, as an entire studio unit together, to understand and facilitate peer learning at its best. Frottage: the act of translating a texture onto paper was an exercise where we all ran around the campus … Continue reading Thoroughness in Haste

Sharing Traditions

Time problems have always been an exciting method to put away the stress of overthinking and trust my instincts and the process fully. In return, my work has pleased me in a way that has not only motivated to work better but also opened up my senses to newer means of approaching my work. This weeks time problem did exactly the same for me. Actually, it excited me much more due to a little twist in the design process. We as students were meant to pick up a fellow studio-mates design and propose an institutional design in the childhood home … Continue reading Sharing Traditions

Spatializing Memories

Further development of the house meant for my parents, my brother and I, with the opportunity of providing a comfortable stay to my frequently visiting grandparents, has finally met with a draft that satisfies me. It takes off the initial pressure of thinking of each and every members liking and disliking in terms of the kind of spaces and volumes each preferred. With the change in the orientation and size of the terrace on the -3M level, a new opportunity of having a terrace overlooking into a courtyard has emerged. These overlooking masses remind me of the description of my … Continue reading Spatializing Memories

Design for Living

The exercise was no less than an activity of designing ones dream house. Of course, it has a small and fixed plot area, but that only expanded my thinking in terms of how to efficiently use and occupy space. The house is meant for my parents, my frequently visiting grandparents, my younger brother and me. Thus, a set of three sleeping spaces along with other programmatic spaces of a living, dining, kitchen and a workspace have been incorporated in the process. Courtyards, terraces and verandahs, all three form the transition spaces, or must I say, the spaces that connect one … Continue reading Design for Living

Spatializing Time

Deriving a dynamic image and designs from my childhood home through an intense process of working round the clock has become a routine I will not forget. The process taught me how to build on my ideas and yet be open to new ones. It taught me to be focused and yet be child-like and get inspired by anything that might open up my thoughts. It taught me how to trust the process.  The multiple iterations created had their own particular points of focus. Some made us focus upon massing, some upon nature of inhabitation, some upon materials, and so … Continue reading Spatializing Time