Capturing a Still Image of a Moving Body

I feel portraying emotions and actions is easy when shading and colors are used. these are tools of representing what we want to show the world. but doing the same with just using lines is where the real challenge lies. The body studies that we are doing in the VSR has put this very same challenge in front of us. I could see the difference in my body studies as went further, I was able to portray a certain relax nature of the activity which the person was performing or the tension in their body while they were exercising. Still … Continue reading Capturing a Still Image of a Moving Body

Observing, Analyzing and Understanding

The VSR exercise is where we have to make self-portraits, portraits and body sketches of the people around. Portraits always have been something that I really enjoy. Though for most of my past experience with portraits have been from photographs or random portraits to understand the texture of skin, play of light and shadow on the face. This mostly has contributed in improving my skill set. Live portraits are something that I recently ventured into. The nuances of catching hold of someone‚Äôs feature while they are not exactly static have been a tricky but exciting part. Self-portraits are more difficult … Continue reading Observing, Analyzing and Understanding