Minute and Important Realizations

Last week was a workshop week which included my first site visit to the Shreyas Foundation. The week started with showing model to see the spaces in 3D and realize the scale and form of the space. Based on the peer review, the next day wall sections were made to look at the construction details and how the structure comes together at a larger scale which was not visible clearly in 1:50 scale plans and sections. It helped me clear some basic fundamentals which I had missed till now. The sizes of the structural elements were resolved and also changes … Continue reading Minute and Important Realizations

Gathering the Site to Make a Big Picture

Looking at the institution with the site context gives a clearer idea about how the institution relates to the neighbourhood. Placing my institution into the site model helped me realize how the institution can have some outdoor seating providing views of the common ground, which could also become a threshold for people before entering the institution. On entering the institution comprises of a shop with display of the handmade clothes on the ground floor. It has a working area for ladies doing sewing business on the upper floor. An advantage of the site was that none of the facades open … Continue reading Gathering the Site to Make a Big Picture

Transition from Residence to an Institution

With the beginning of a new module and brief, we now started with designing an institution to be placed above the residential part of our childhood home. After a shot given to the designing process by a time problem exercise, we now need to understand how an institution could be integrated in a residence. So I visited the House of MG, a residence converted into a heritage hotel with restaurants, museums and shops selling ancient crafts. The house has been a monument of pride since the owner lived there as many personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Japanese Prime Minister, etc. The … Continue reading Transition from Residence to an Institution

Sowing Seed for New Beginning

After a long time spent on refining the design of my childhood home, the process became monotonous with being stuck to certain elements and concepts. Too break this monotony, a time problem was assigned in which the designs were swapped among the peers. Each one was to propose an institution for peers design. I took Nafela’s design which is based in a completely different context than mine i.e. Dubai whereas mine is located in Ahmedabad. I needed to understand the climate of the place which was an important factor for consideration in Nafela’s design. Also the neighbourhood she had for … Continue reading Sowing Seed for New Beginning

Dream Come True with Touch of Experience

This offline week spent at campus was my first experience of working in the studio. I never thought that I would stay at campus for almost 12 hours. But it was fun and a new learning too. My first day started with filling rice in the balloon within 20 minutes which was funny as well as challenge because its difficult to push rice in empty balloon beyond its capacity. But we did it. Then came the twist, sir asked us to play catch with those balloons, throwing them randomly to any person without waiting for him/her to be ready. Everyone … Continue reading Dream Come True with Touch of Experience

Mapping and Tacking Memories

Remembering the childhood while doing an exercise in the form of workshop was a memorable experience of CEPT until now. I never thought there are so many hidden memories associated with my childhood home which I don’t recall in usual days – the happy moments of eating ice cream on streets and sad as well of falling down while learning skating. Though I don’t remember the actual distances between spaces and other neighbourhood clearly apart from my favorite places, I was enjoying the journey as I drew the streets and the points which I visited the most. Depicting memories and … Continue reading Mapping and Tacking Memories