Final review

The site is in Jasdan. The program consists of a new childhood home, art workshop, and display gallery for a family of 5 with kids living and studying out of town. What about your house & your neighborhood influenced your choice of the program? Given the town of Jasdan where there are many artists, but not many dedicated spaces for the art to be displayed or to be taught. Hence, to address and educate I am offering an art workshop and a display gallery. How do your house and the institution meet and also stay independent? The house and institution … Continue reading Final review


After the offline workshop, we were given a deadline to submit the work for the pre-final jury. I had no idea at the beginning of the submission as to how I will complete all the requirements in the given time with all the resolutions that were meant to do. The first thing I started to do was the plans I had to mirror my plans because of the kind of relationship that I wanted to form with the park behind my site. The mirroring of the plans was so confusing at first because I was very satisfied with my childhood … Continue reading PRE-FINAL

The second workshop week

This workshop was quite different from what I expected it to be. On the first day of the workshop, I thought we’ll be doing something on plans and resolving that first but it was totally different. The whole process was simultaneous, we made models, plans, sections, wall sections, elevations with fenestration. The first day of workshop was only about discussing models with peers and tutor. In which I came to realize the mistakes that I’ve been making since childhood home model that there is no sense of inhabitation. Also in the institution model the there was no sense of fenestration. … Continue reading The second workshop week


I am offering an art workshop and a display gallery to my neighborhood. My site is in the center of my town so basically, it has a lot of festivals happening around the road. The entrance side of the house is on the roadside and it has a huge empty ground on the opposite side of the side. So I am thinking of making a small entrance from that side too. As there is home also inside of the pit the main entrance has to be on the roadside. But for the workshop people can come from the other side. … Continue reading Neighbourhood


The excitement of going offline again was very much. Starting from the first day it was quite hectic and a whole new transformation suddenly from being online to offline. But from the second day, I got used to it and started to really enjoy the whole workshop experience. Being online was quite frustrating and I wasn’t able to produce that much work that I could do normally. So in the offline mode being with tutors really improved my work and I started to work fast because I really enjoyed the process. In online mode, I have worked on one iteration … Continue reading Iterations


The visit to the house of mg was so much fun. I went there a second time, so I already knew the architecture and I needed to do it was to focus more on the reuse of the architecture how all types of spaces and activities could work in a single building. The best part about the building that I find fascinating is that even though these different activities are happening, there is no disturbance from one to another. The residence was converted into a heritage hotel with restaurants, museums, and shops selling ancient crafts. I did not just learn … Continue reading Similarities

What to?

After the completion of my childhood home Time problem started. It was to swap designs with our groupmates. I took Anshu’s design and similarly my design was taken by another groupmate. So basically I had to understand her neighbourhood first and then start working at the institution I like to provide it to her neighbourhood. So starting to understand her neighborhood and the people living around I got to know she used to live in a township. So basically the township has everything so I was really confused at first as to what to provide in her neighbourhood that is … Continue reading What to?


This last week particularly was hard for me to work because I was happy with what I had and had no clue how to take my design forward. The design and the place of the space I kept almost same but to make it more interesting I had to play with volumes and the sizes of the space especially double heights. Double heights can create the appearance of a more compact environment. The two double heights of my home gives a different effect to the space. Starting with the ground floor there is a double height which opens to half … Continue reading Inhabiting


After the midterm my design has mainly focused on the inhabitation and nature of the space. How are my family members going to use them but not keeping in mind some people. How the basic household chaos happens. How the things are randomly on the floor and stuff like that.  My volumetric model that I had in the midterm has changed a bit for a room or two and the placement of the staircase. But the basic theme I had to keep is the same. The placement has changed by keeping in mind the powerful junctions that the house could … Continue reading Inhabiting

Between Past and Present

The transition that happened between the Autobiographica and My new childhood home was something I enjoyed the most. After doing My secret place and autobiographica I can tell this was not that difficult and I enjoyed it so much. From The Secret Place I learned how spaces are formed even without adding a particular building element and each element gives a different spatial experience and feel to a space. Even the single slope in the wall, the amount and angle of the light that enters the space can change a whole experience of the space. How simply the coverings of … Continue reading Between Past and Present