Rechecking everything

With months over months spent working on this design the finals are now approaching and the pressure building up, we need to finalise everything, orthographic drawings, models, wall sections etc. though I find it hard to work this week because of the long list of deliverable and the number of things to be resolved. I still tried my best to do everything. the arrangement of functions in the spaces was quite of a challenge for me, since architecture revolves around the function and not the other way round, I tried to put all the functions and its respective architecture in … Continue reading Rechecking everything

Finalizing Design

The offline week, we did many different exercises to reach the end of our design, we made wall sections to see what’s going on inside the walls of the building, 3d models to see the building in person, elevations and sections to understand the habitation in the building. On the first day we brought our 3d models that we made and gave peer feedback on each other’s designs and models about what’s working and what’s not working and what’s need to be changed and what could be changed. This way we got to critically analyze our peers’ designs giving us … Continue reading Finalizing Design


With months over months spent working on this design, where we first started with designing the residential part inside the pit and finally coming out of it and designing the institute and meeting the world. This week we explored the relationship of the house with the neighbourhood its surrounded with and to make the house a part of the neighbourhood. We first made the axonometric view of the design which shows inhabitation and fenestrations. Since axonometric models tends to be more expressive than any plans and sections, the model speaks a lot about the sizes of spaces and their relation … Continue reading REACHING THE END OF DESIGN

A journey through the history of House of MG

Following the midterm and the time problem we had regarding the development of the residential house into a full-fledged institution, this week we were asked to do a case study on the House of MG which is located in the old city of Ahmadabad. The case study was intended to study the architecture and material of the building and take whatever we can take from it for the design process of our institution. This building is an important example for our institution because this too was a residential building at first which was later converted into a public space, which … Continue reading A journey through the history of House of MG

A Week Long Refinement

Unlike any other class I had since my first year, this week was quite of an experience for me, this entire week not just taught me architecture but also how to manage time and schedule to keep up with the classes and work load. Starting from day one of the week we had an exercise where we created rice in a balloon ball and we literally played catch with it, first it was very confusing for all us but soon we realized its for increasing our focus and to be more present. We did this exercise for the whole week. … Continue reading A Week Long Refinement

Shuffling the designs

Reworking on your design again and again is quite a monotonous job which is bound to become“boring” after a while, but working on someone else’s design was sure a refreshing experience. For weeks after refining our designs over and over again, we were introduced to institution spaces that we were need to create over the existing residential design, but here’s the catch; instead of working on our own design we were given the designs of our peers.   For me I got Aanchal’s design, it was quite an intimidating experience for me in the beginning since I wasn’t familiar with … Continue reading Shuffling the designs

Building Structures

Following the midterm review on my project, that is, my childhood home, I learnt that the house that I made have not only architectural flaws but also it lacks the experience of floating somewhere. Working on those reviews we were given the objective to explore more using different mediums such as soft pastels, watercolours, and collages. This helped me to come up with new iterations for my design which I could use to further work upon.  For these iterations, I made physical models to explore the spaces in a much better manner. Understanding through physical models opens a whole new … Continue reading Building Structures


The way we were parented and brought up, and how was our childhood in general have a huge impact on our adulthood, it shapes our perspective for the rest of our lives because childhood is the time when we are the most impressionable and absorbs a lot. The impact can be seen in adulthood whether we like solitude more than congregation or the other way round or what’s our thoughts about when it comes to intimacy and intimate spaces. How comfortable we are with sharing our thoughts with others and how comfortable we are with sharing a space with someone … Continue reading PEEKING INTO MEMORIES

A Dive to Childhood

Looking back at the long-forgotten memories of our childhood was sure going to be a nostalgic experience. Remembering the subtleties like the smells we remembered from the Rasoi of our homes or the smells of the flowers that were only be seen in our neighbourhood or the textures of floors where we used to play till late at night and the colours of sky when the sun sets in the evening. Things defiantly seems to have a different glow when we were a child playing around and never have to worry about life. The exercise we did this week was … Continue reading A Dive to Childhood

Stitching a Story

Writing a story with newly created work is one thing but stitching a whole new story from previously created work is just a different kind of experience which sounded like a very intimidating thing to me in the beginning. we did not just have to stitch the work together into a narrative, but it should also make sense. I believe this exercise taught me a lot more than story writing and creating a narrative from your childhood memories.  The exercise began with collecting and compiling our work together and deciding what to keep and what not to in the graphic … Continue reading Stitching a Story