The Closure

After working hard for intense 16 weeks of the studio it was the time for final closure review of the studio. The closure review was done by Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya and Prof. Riyaz. They not only talked about our designs but also shared their point of view and experience so we can understand the field in a better way. For the final review, we had options in models, digital or cardboard I choose digital one, and compared to the mid-sem this time we had less work to present so we can easily complete the deliverables. I made exploded view of … Continue reading The Closure

The last Workshop

As the end of the semester is near we had our second offline workshop, which was only for four days, unlike the first workshop this time we only focused on finalizing our designs. On the first day we had our first offline peer review on the community space model and site model. On the second day we did 1:20 scale wall sections of the design, we made wall sections for the very first time in this studio so it took a little time to complete it. On the third day we made detailed elevations, showing all the details of fenestrations. … Continue reading The last Workshop

We completed the design of my childhood home, and now further in the module, we have to convert and expand the house into a community space. As the children as in me and bother are now grown up and left the house to study further, my parents are the only occupants of the house so the house is now only limited to my parents with an institution on the ground floor and the first floor. My mother always keeps telling, that she’ll own a food stall after her retirement as she is very fond of cooking, And the neighbourhood I … Continue reading


We worked for a long on our childhood home design and for this week we were given a time problem in which we had to swap our designs among our group and then had to rework on designs for a community place or an institution. Time problem is always helpful as we have less time so we just have to work without overthinking. I got Shailly’s design, her design was very nice and innovative but was far more different than mine, so understanding her structure and reworking her model took a lot of time. But I was very much excited … Continue reading EXCHANGING AND REWORKING

Childhood Home

So finally we reached to the end of this module with a final design of our childhood home. This long had so much to learn, I learned new techniques, new mediums, etc. during this whole process. Starting from the neighborhood map, novella, diagrams of the house we imagine so many different iterations of plans and after all this process n learnings the final week we had to work on our own to complete the deliverables. Deliverables includes, plans, sections and elevations, 1:75 cardboard model, 1:50 exploded model, neighborhood map , views (sketches) of the house and an evolution video of … Continue reading Childhood Home

Third Dimension Of My Childhood Home

After having a good mid-semester review this week we came closer to finalize the design of my childhood home, and after trying to resolve the design incorporating to mid-semester reviews to further understand the design and structure we made a 1:75 scale cardboard model of our house. I enjoyed making cardboard model and while making it I also learnt new techniques and understood my design in a better way. Till now we could only see our drawing in screens or in printouts but making a 3d model it really helped to understand the design. Apart from the cardboard model I … Continue reading Third Dimension Of My Childhood Home

A Week Offline.

Time flies so fast that I didn’t even realized that we are in the middle of this semester and as told before our eight week was offline on campus. I was really excited to meet my tutors for the first time in person and all my peers. learning things offline is much much better than online lectures, we could interact with each other so nicely and had a great one week offline. Offline learning has taught me a lot of new things including time management and peer learning. On campus I could literally work whole day without getting distracted unlike … Continue reading A Week Offline.

Recreating Story of My Childhood

Here is the stage where actually our process of making childhood home comes in. This week we started of with a fun exercise of creating a autobiographic of our childhood. The process was really fascinating as here we went deep into our childhood memories, and how we were related to the family members and the of inhabitation. At first I really felt lost and didn’t know how to go about it so then I decided not to think much and I started placing my old sketches and works together. After placing all my sketches and elements together, I sort of … Continue reading Recreating Story of My Childhood

Plan, Section and Elevation

VSR3 was very different than the VSR’s we did in past. The first two VSR’s were more module based as did sketching in them but this exercise was about model making and than drafting. This exercise was technical unlike the last two. this brief focused on making models and orthographic drawings of different prisms. There were four different configurations, the exercise was fun once you solve the configuration. while reading configurations it felt that this exercise is very difficult and it will be boring, but after discussing it with peers and teacher, the exercise turn out to be easy and … Continue reading Plan, Section and Elevation

Revisiting My Neighborhood

Memories of childhood becomes the ultimate life long memory which brings a smile on our faces whenever we recall them. When recollected memories of my childhood it gave a delighted feeling. I remember I was a very happy kid with no worries and was free to do whatever I feel or want. I belong to a joint family hence as a kid I had really amazing time playing and spending time with my family. As both of my parents are working and I spent most of the time with my grandparents during the day even now. when i recalled my … Continue reading Revisiting My Neighborhood