Performance: What could a backyard park be ?

Since there are a lot of already pre-existing homes facing my site. I would like to turn part of each home into an offering for this performance place. It could be someone’s stilt, another’s the rear lobby, someone’s cantilevered balcony and another’s plinth.

I imagine this place to maintain its rustic feeling and one should feel the density of vegetation they are surrounded by. Taking an idea from Bansi Kaul’s idea of performance sets, my act of constructing the idea of this performance space would like to blend into the environment and become part of it instead of using the site as a prop and placing functions in and around just like that.

While making drawings of trees as well as seeing other people’s drawings, I ended up focusing a lot on the understanding canopy of trees on my site. Which trees are higher, which are lower, and what possible shape is their foliage? Do their leaves and branches pop out from the lower level of the trunk or does that happen from an upper level?

A stage- a plinth – a raised floor – an enclosure of gaze ( bhaat nyotna)- sufficient for a place for performance. The flexibility of the stage, being able to manipulate the vertical dimensions.

We can’t forget that these are times of pandemic although the site is located in a gated society, the space of performance and assembly areas will have to be designed to be resilient in covid times.

For the daily acts of performances, observed in cohabitants in their relaxed mode and work mode. I imagine the park to accommodate bodies for these daily activities – a sleep in the afternoon, a heated discussion, a place for a kid to practice his act, a place for kids of the colony to put up their own show and sell their tickets (all at once)

It doesn’t mean I don’t want outsiders from the gated colony to come practice here and put up their show. I would also like the park to maintain its shaded character and not bring a huge amount of direct bright light into it. Reflecting lights from different areas between trees and greenish-yellow light filling the space is how I colour the picture of performance space in my head. Having found pieces of discarded black glass and seeing my reflection in it also moved me to maintain this gloominess of being a backyard park.