A feeling to form: Part One

When one is asked to give form to what they are feeling inside, things get tricky. Although due to social conditioning and twenty years of being part of civilisation – some words and feelings begin to get associated with tastes, colours, shapes and sounds. As if everything is finding its characteristics to make itself more real. A feeling wanting to acquire full form or a smell wanting to have a colour and a shape.

In an attempt to quickly represent any five emotions on a paper, I made marks, marks that looked like calls hoping people would get what I am trying to say. Whenever I am representing or expressing something, I always want people to understand what I mean and say.

The emotions I had chosen were – power, hope, overwhelmed, longing and inspired.
These were the closest to what I was feeling that day and for quite some time before. I started with overwhelming and torn different colour papers. For power, I just smashed a red square paper in the middle of a white sheet. For hope, I drew a yellow sun-like body with circular strokes of the brush. For longing, I made blue elongated marks flying off in different directions. For inspired, I made water because of what it makes me feel.

These emotions were then brought together into a collage – new elements were added to it wherever I saw something needed a change. The overall emotion of the collage I created shouted overwhelming to me so I used black oil pastel to cover parts of it, creating a new layer of shape and texture along the way.

These emotions stayed with me and others throughout. We gave them a body to inhabit and made them dance to a sound. We even gave them a background story thus making them real characters themselves.