Performing on the terrace

My site is a terrace of an IT park in Pune. It is huge. So, I wanted to design that not only had a performance space but also other small area like cafes or library that would draw crowd. The site is above a commercial complex having numerous cafes and restaurants. These food joints have abundance of young crowd during all time of the day. The idea for having these different spaces is so that the young crowd is introduced and exposed to new arts forms especially that of performing arts. Thus, I imagine the space to be inclusive for all.

Shown below is a relationship bubble diagram iteration having the programs that I thought could be included in the design.

After reading and listening to performers and artists about their work and how it was affected by the pandemic, I wanted to design a space that would be accessible at all times. So I designed a big high roof for the performance space where there would be no sense of being in a closed space. There is not stage so, anybody and everybody can use the space whenever and however they want. There would be no restrictions so any artist could be in the space to perform or rehearse.

Coming to the form of the space, the site is very geometric and sterile so in order to draw public, I added elements to the site that would help me do so and also sustain the performance that I am aiming to design in this space. Initially I experimented with elements like a fountain, a huge non-geometric structure but I ended up with a structure that was inspired from the elements of site as the roof for the performance area, surrounded by trees that could act as a barrier to the other activities happening on site.

The trees would include a variety of different species like bauhinia, lemon, pomegranate etc. These trees would create many small seating spaces and also provide thermal comfort so people could spend time here.

This is how the site looked originally
This is what I imagine the place of performance to be like