Making the invisible visible

I don’t sit everyday and recollect the emotions or feelings I felt in a day, but some incidents and moments stay with me much longer because of the impact they left on me. Such is the power that emotions hold. They make an incident a lifetime experience or a forgotten memory.

In order to, make such connections with the site, we talked about different emotions that we felt on site followed by narrating stories that were associated with these emotions.

The stories began. People told stories involving many emotions while some stories emphasized on only one, after which, we gave each other feedback and answered questions. I was to go next and I was still confused regarding the story that I wanted to narrate. As I listened to the stories before mine, it suddenly struck me that I might not have to have fetch a story to tell, I could just share the events that happened recently because even they have emotions related to it.

My narration had incidents that happened after office, the previous day, till the time of story telling.

After office, I decided to go out my with my friends for a stroll. We were happy to finally get a break after being worked up in office. That’s exactly when we got a message saying, we had a working weekend and I was a bit upset with that since I had made plans with friends. But work comes first so I canceled the plans. However, I went out and spent the evening with my friends because that homely feeling was much needed after a heavy week. Spending time with my friends was very comforting because they were closet to having a family in Delhi. Thus, the night was very content.

The next day I woke up to the announcement of releases of the phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I was thrilled and excited. I called up my brother and talked to him about the same. Being Marvel fans, the excitement was mutual for us. I even discussed it with one of my colleagues since she was a marvel fan too. Then we did our daily routines and began the story telling session.

The feedback I got, gave me new perspectives and ideas to improve my narration. The listeners were part of my narration so they knew when these incidents were happening and how I reacted to them. They related to the things I said but also said that I could have emphasized more on a few things which I agree to.

One new interesting perspective was that the story telling exercise was to connect to the emotions and its memories that left an impact on us. The story that I narrated was not on these lines, yet it had associations to the different emotions that I feel.

These incidents in my narration might not stay with me all my life but they certainly made me feel many emotions. It’s crazy how even small things have a varied impact on us. All these invisible feelings, made my emotions visible.