Journey of the design process

My site is the terrace of an IT park in Pune. It is very huge terrace but is left empty at almost all times due to its vast spread and strong concretization. The makers tried to add landscape to it by providing plants and grass lawns but is that really enough? Why are people not occupying the space much? what could be done to get people here? These are amongst the questions that arrived when I was analyzing the site.

The site also very symmetrical. The orientation of the planters, entry and exit points are all placed very geometrically.

To begin with, I started by trying options of what all I could do on site to break the symmetry, draw people, create a contrast of spaces, add variety and make a performance space. I tried different iterations as shown below.

I finally used the following as my final design ideas:

To break the symmetry, I thought of adding trees next to the lawn that is existing on site. The trees could include a variety of bauhinia, pomegranate, lemon, gooseberry, henna etc. Such tress will provide shade and survive easily on a site like the terrace given that their root systems are small. This would add a layer of ecological diversity and beauty to the site creating a contrast to a big open lawn that already exists.

To make a performance space, I took inspiration from the existing curved surfaces on site and used a similar structure as a roof/cover for the performance area. The seating elements surrounding this space also resemble the structure of the small elements used for sending light to the lower floors.

The entire process was filled with questions, speculations and taking leaps for making decisions. I was stuck in the geometry of the site initially, because it was too dominant but I tried my best break out of it and produce something meaningful.

This was the first time when I took decisions on my own. There were a few shifts while making these decisions. I was scared and unsure while doing that. But every process, every journey, has its highs and lows. Mine did too, and the final product is what counts the most. I am happy with the final product of this crazy yet amazing process. The final product does feel like an achievement that I am always going remember.

The final design (model)