From inception to ensemble

My journey in the residency has been like that of a seed to a sapling. Not only in my personal life but in terms of being a performer too.

The performances began by dancing to various genres of music. Initially we danced to find our rhythms. Four bodies dancing in a space creating their own patterns was a beautiful experience to have. Then we had static and dynamic bodies moving to this music. We danced in pairs, locking gaze or having a point of contact. It was very different each time.

Then we were asked to pick poses that reflected different emotions which we used for associations with the site. I picked five emotions and 5 postures corresponding to them. It was very prompt so my postures were not very sculpturesque but I felt like they depicted what I intended. Shown below are examples of the postures when I first tried them.

Then we selected different sites and performed these on the site. The site I chose was an entrance passage way of a house near the office. The passage way was covered with veils of plants and beautiful greens. The feel and experience of performing on the site was very different and calming for me. Shown below are images from my performance on site.

Then we tried to perform these postures with other performers. Initially when we were trying in pairs, we could establish some connections and make an ensemble. But the complexities increased with increase in number of performers. So we had made alterations in our postures, changes in the numbers, addition and subtraction in emotions and link all of them together.

Performing with another performer

The process of bringing all this together was dynamic and consuming. However, it was just as much fun. There were struggles but coherence was never lost. We tied the postures in a way that they portrayed emotions in a decent manner.

The ensemble helped me a lot. Working with others helped to push myself further, bring variations in the emotions and compose myself better. The process of multiple bodies performing together was a delight to be a part of. This experience is amongst the ones that I will cherish the most.