The garden for performance

I imagine this place to be a practice hub for budding artists.  This place is to be there for the young to get acquainted with different performing arts and if interested, be a part of it and explore. The site thus chosen was amidst the institutional area hoping the place would introduce young minds to the world of performing arts! The site already lures a lot of students from nearby colleges. An addition of a place for performance might provide an opportunity for the site to become a place of freedom, a place to be, a place to explore, a place to collaborate; a place that is not just a place of association but a witness to the unfolding of life outside the bound institutional spaces.

As the site is amidst the institutional area, a huge area is available to accommodate small congregations with social distancing. There is a lot of vegetation cover around the site. These chunks of vegetation are parts of other institutions and organizations. These will help in keeping the pandemic norms of the sparse congregation, social distancing, and provision of well-ventilated spaces.

The site has 24 huge trees and numerous smaller shrubs, hedges, and a grass cover. The site invites squirrels and a few birds along with a few other life forms. The site has a sense of an unfinished garden. There is an attempt to retain the sense. Interventions to invite more life forms are explored.  Most of the areas designed on site are kept open to take care of the ventilation for the pandemic situation. The climate of Ahmedabad does not require ventilation most of the time during the day. An array of local species of shrubs have been planted around to create a microclimate that can reduce the heat effect during hot summer days and the same becomes a barrier to protect from the cold winds blowing from the north.