My relationship with the site…

The site I selected is situated within a Community Centre in Vikaspuri, New Delhi. It is a barren site with unique elements like benches and planters existing, in a poor condition. Despite being situated in a public space accessible from all sides and a significant amount of population present there at any given time, the space was a dead space and was not being used to its potential. It was one of the major reasons why I chose the site in the first place.

Having conducted a site analysis further led to discovering the significance those unique elements held. The biggest question to be answered via design was that despite being a potential public gathering location, how it could be made to feel like one?

I think based on feedbacks and insights I received, the foremost step became to introduce vegetation into the site. The DDA land that is situated beside the site, was assumed to be full of trees, changing the character of the site entirely.

There also existed certain drain channels running in random directions on the site, which didn’t hold any major significance, but when thinking about it, those channels acted as potential divisions for the site. The idea was to use these drain channels as a grid of storm water channels and connecting those channels all over the site ensuring a grid and different parcels being formed on the site. The existing elements of benches in different shapes and sizes also got divided by this process and further led to a relationship being established in the same.

Initially, my thoughts were quite rigid about how exactly a barren site be used to initiate a design process, but based on the insights and feedbacks by  the facilitator of the program, I was able to utilize what I thought were the most insignificant features of the site.

Now that I think about it, I perceive the site differently altogether. At first, it was just a community Centre space that didn’t matter, but now I think it is my own site concerning the forest and water channel grid that I have introduced. To be able to imagine that it is a potential performance space changes the thinking altogether. While creating different explorations, whether about a forest, water channel, or an organic path, I view the site as a potential park incorporating a space of performance with fun elements and a sense of adventure.