My design process…

My site was within a Community Centre in Vikaspuri, New Delhi. Despite being situated in a public space accessible from all sides and a significant amount of population present there at any given time, the space was a dead space and was not being used to its potential.

The first step in the design process that I followed was to assume the existence of trees within the DDA land associated with the site. The site lacking the element of vegetation suddenly achieved a sense of revival.
It was after this that the entire site was assumed to be a forest, incorporating the Miyawaki technique of vegetation. The Miyawaki technique was something I studied about in detail after being suggested by our facilitator. It involves the growth of native trees in an area in a faster way.

The next element that I incorporated were the existing drain channels on the site. I assumed these drain channels to be stormwater channels and further extended them to create a grid. So, I created a water channel grid all over my site, dividing the site into various land parcels.

To create something in contrast to the symmetry of the site, I decided to incorporate an organic pathway within the site. This organic pathway was used to connect the parcels created because of the water channels. The organic pathway creates a sense of adventure and curiosity within the site.

The place for the performance has been created as a clearing in the forest. Within this clearing a performance space has been created with a pit and tiered seating pattern. There are other nodes that are being created within the site because of the organic pathway. Not just that, the way the organic pathway crosses the water channel also uniquely identifies the space at the particular junction. The loops being created because of the organic pathway are potential kiosks, possible in both a temporary and a permanent manner. Because of the forest, there are a number of inhabitable spaces that get created providing different nature of spaces such as solitude, congregation and intimacy.

The services on the site have been distributed all over to avoid a large crowd keeping in mind the social distancing parameters due to the pandemic. Also, the other clearings that are being created around the existing elements, can act as performance spaces for a small audience, again contributing to distributed places of performance.