Learning through body

The exercise of sketching everyday for a month gave an opportunity to try, fail, try again till you find something interesting and take things ahead.

I had always sketched spaces, buildings, trees and vegetation. 2 weeks of drawing human beings took away the inhibition  of being bad at drawing human beings. It provided me with an opportunity to try different mediums to realise where exactly I was finding difficulty. The use of ink and brush or watercolour and brush showed me different hand movements which were possible and more freer than what I used to do.

Also the exercise helped me improve my observation skills. I had started observing details more. I had started seeing things in their forms and shapes. The best part of the exercise was, these studies of human bodies and their postures and movements subconsciously translated into my design sketches which were done after 2-3weeks! My hand was trained for the human figures now! I feel the subconscious learning I thought was actually learning of the muscles of my hand.