Site development

Following are few points which the site visit and the study prompted.

Site prompted design ideas

The Inhabitation exercise gave clues to spaces which can be kept open to people and those which can be closed. Following study shows that the central chunk to be the space for openness. This space would be suited for large gatherings. All the other spaces in the site can be partially closed for inhabiting intimacy and solitude.

The pink chunk for congregation – Inhabitation exercise
Zoning explorations

The central chunk of open area is developed into a secondary place of performance. Whenever this place of performance wouldn’t be used it would act as a seating for people where they can eat or gather in a group. A pond is also created in the same space where people can come and sit. This will be open.

The place where there were kiosks initially, now becomes the place of performance and training. The rest of the portion is planted with dense tall shrubs and mounds to create a sense separation.