One plus one is always more than two

An ease in a connection gives you the freedom to explore the surroundings. And in order to become one with another being, to connect with something, one has to forget oneself. The exercise of gaze gave potential for this exploration. With a couple of variables, there was a stark difference in the experience. With Charvi, there was a natural ease. This ease allowed the awareness of the surroundings to set in. The feeling was pretty close to being like two different components of one single entity. Whereas with Ketki there was more alertness than that of an ease. The attention was drawn towards the body movement which felt pre-known, structured instead of an in-the-moment-flow.

Do we really need to forget ourselves to become one with the other? Forgetting oneself doesn’t mean that we give up one’s sense of self. For me, it means rising above the inhibitions and egos that come with existing and accepting each other’s ‘being-ness’. The potential of what can truly happen between two entities comes after we come past this sense of individualities. 

The combinations and variations added to the exercises introduced new dynamics and layers. The exercise all came down to the gaze and connections that were built from it. The change in the distance added up a sense of excitement, the change in the planes and angles through our body movements gave a new sense of realizations.