Understanding of site

I had given 3-4 different sites in Ahmedabad during the site exploration stage. All these sites were places which I pass through everyday, Somehow this site was in my mind, and I did not include it in the site selection as I did not have any photographs to show.

This is the site which for some reason has been very intriguing. It felt like it called me every time I passed by it. One day, while I was passing by, I stopped. And I went in! It was a winter evening. The air had a hint of cold, while the play of light and shadow provided some drama. The trees protected the place from the harsh wind. There was noise on the adjoining road and the place was buzzing with people, yet it felt very peaceful in there. The place provided some warmth and soothe!

Other inhabitants of the place

There was something which got me interested. I cannot point at it. So, here I am with no rational reason for this site selection apart from this place being in the heart of university area buzzing with students.

Understanding the site:

There were multiple site visits. Each site visit revealed new things. (Thoughts after first visits can be read here)

Initially I had drawing the site on 1:500 scale and made the model in 1:500 scale to understand the relationship of site with the surrounding. But after making those I realized that a bigger scale models and drawings are required to understand the edges and relationships better. Following are 1:250 scale model photographs. It was going to be difficult travelling with the model.

Perhaps a larger scale model and drawings, may be 1:100 scale, would be good once the exploration starts.