Visual and Spatial Representation of Profiles

To begin with, I observed the sketches I had made earlier. Looking at those spaces I could see certain details and elements of the dance forms. I could get an essence of the act they were performing. Then I began to trace the profiles these sketches. I used black paint and a brush to make all of these. I wanted to focus only on the space these figures occupy, so choosing this element really helped me gauge the spaces.

Shown below are profiles of Lavani dancers performing the dance.

Further on I went out and sat with different trees around me to make profiles of the trees. I managed to make profiles of the trunks of the trees that I had sketched earlier. Then I also made profiles of two trees that I found near my site. I would be really helpful to have these sketches and see how these would interact with human profiles.

Shown below are profiles of trees and plants.

Lastly I have profiles of my cohabitants as seen below. The profiles of people in isolation do not give a proper sense of the occupancy of space by these people. I will be trying to establish their relationship with surroundings by putting these figures into various surroundings as I get time.