Playing with Collages

The images below different emotions; excitement, peace, anger, happiness and sorrow respectively.

We were asked to create a collage using all these emotions. Here is the stepwise culminated of the collage we made during one of our sessions. It was thrilling do this as it was very impromptu and to be in a very less amount of time. I tried to place these emotions in the sequence in which I usually experience them. If I am sad I would probably be by myself in a corner. I do not open up very promptly so sometimes the sorrow turns into mild anger. However, it goes away in no time and I feel better and eventually happy. Once I know I am happy, it gives me peace in being content. And finally there is excitement too. Thus the collage below show the transition between these emotions. ( look at the images in clockwise direction).

The representation and composition of the certain emotions was not the best so I made two more collages to express that better. Shown below are the two new iterations.

Initially I had used the materials readily available as it was a timed exercise. I used a black flower which was not the most appropriate choice of color to depict happiness so I changed that to pink. I had a golden tape that I used to show excitement. I chose that because it has glitter but the way I pasted it was very monotonous and did not show excitement. So I tried water colors and a different orientation of the tape to show and these are the tow new iterations that I finally came up with. I loved and enjoyed doing this exercise.